SharePoint Solutions

  • SharePoint Migration
  • SharePoint Archive & Export
  • SharePoint Data Integration
  • SharePoint Audit & Compliance
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Office 365 Solutions

  • Office 365 Reports
  • Office 365 Export
  • Office 365 Governance
  • Office 365 Data Integration
  • Office 365 Migration
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Security Management

  • File Server
  • Active Directory
  • SharePoint
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Server & Network Audit

  • Windows Network
  • Exchange Server
  • Active Directory
  • IIS
  • File Servers
  • SharePoint
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Virtualization Management

  • Hyper-V Discovery
  • Hyper-V Audit & Reports
  • Hyper-V Provisioning
  • Hyper-V Performance
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SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Governance

  • SharePoint Audit & Reporting

    The ultimate all-in-one reporting solution for audit, compliance, management and usage analysis. Analyze SharePoint permissions and identify security vulnerabilities.
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  • SharePoint Content Organization

    Reorganize your content. Cleanup content clutter based on conditions. Reclassify your content. Update your content metadata. Bulk-tag your content.
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SharePoint Data Integration

  • SharePoint External Data Import

    Imports data into SharePoint and Office 365 from multiple external data sources. Synchronizes data between your data source and SharePoint.
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  • SharePoint Metadata Import

    Bridge your disconnected documents in SharePoint with external metadata from your data sources such as CRM and HR.
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  • Exchange Data Integration

    Import your mails and attachments from your exchange server to SharePoint using powerful conditional queries. Import Public Folders with attachments and associated metadata.
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SharePoint Management

  • SharePoint Export/Archive

    Extract and Export SharePoint content and copy it to file shares in real-time or as schedule batch jobs using powerful conditional queries. Export your metadata for re-use in other applications. Search and extract documents based on any free text search criteria.
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  • SharePoint Reporting

    Document your entire SharePoint infrastructure. Analyze Usage of your site collections. Generate reports out of your audit logs. Analyze the Size of your sites, site collections and libraries.
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