Understanding the new features in SPListX v5.1 & v5.2

1. Duplicate file handling The Alternate File name mask feature facilitates duplicate file handling when exporting files to the file system. We have introduced a new option to rename the new file by using a file name mask. Figure #1: Renaming a file with the Alternate File Name Mask 2. Enhanced ‘File version handling settings’ […]

New features in NTFS Security Auditor v2.0 & v2.1

1. Scan Profiles (Shares) – Scan a subset of Shares in computers for recursive scanning and reporting. Figure #1: Scan Profile Manager – Shares Existing shares are listed with provisions to create a new scan profile (or) modify / delete / view the existing profiles. Figure #2: A sample Scan Profile for Shares You can […]

Enhancements in ARKSP 2010 v1.7

1. Audit – Group Member Changes In the earlier versions prior to v1.7, tracking the newly added & deleted group members for the specified period were different reports. In v1.7, we have combined the two reports and added a column to indicate the action taken on Group Member changes for the specified time period. Figure […]

Feature enhancements in ARKSP 2007 v4.1

1. Improvised ‘List Permissions’ & ‘Audit – Visited items’ reports: Active Directory user attributes such as Display name, Full name, Designation, Company Name, Permission levels are included in the ‘List Permissions’ & ‘Audit – Visited items’ reports. Figure #1: List Permissions report 2. New fields in Audit reports The two new fields ‘Item name and […]