Migrating File Shares to SharePoint – 7 essential factors to consider while choosing the right SharePoint migration tool

There are several tools out there to migrate file shares to SharePoint. However, if you are facing difficulties in choosing the right SharePoint migration tool, here are 7 very important tips: 1. Automation is the most important feature that a migration tool must have, especially because of the sheer volume of files and folders present […]

Manage NTFS Permissions using NTFS Security Manager – Grant, Revoke, Modify Permissions on Shares, Folders and Files

With Vyapin’s NTFS security Manager you can modify the security permissions of Shares, Folders and Files present in your network without affecting the inheritance from the parent object. Vyapin’s NTFS Security Manager has been architected using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, bringing you the best-in-breed NTFS Management solution for your entire Windows Network. You can […]

Sharepoint Reporting – A functional approach using an all-in-one reporting solution

Tags: SharePoint Reports, SharePoint Reporting, SharePoint Permissions Reporting, SharePoint Audit, SharePoint Usage Reporting, SharePoint Content Databases, SharePoint Policies, SharePoint Security Reports   Reporting on Sharepoint is an important organization-wide requirement based on the different functional aspects of sharepoint governance and administration. A comprehensive Sharepoint Reporting should broadly cover the following report categories: 1. SharePoint Audit […]