SharePoint Information Organizer – Feature enhancements in v2.0

A new version of the SharePoint Information Organizer has been released with substantial additions in its capabilities. These additions take this application to a higher level of SharePoint content management solution, making it much easier for the administrators and content owners to handle SharePoint content.

The additions in this application are explained below.

1. SharePoint Information Organizer now supports SharePoint Server 2013 & SharePoint Foundation 2013.
2. Merge / Copy content – This feature copies / merges List Items, files and folders from multiple Lists to a single List within a Site Collection.
3. View/Edit content type – This feature displays the classification of Content Types and allows the user to re-classify the Content Types.
4. Metadata/Content Search – Using this feature the user can perform advanced search based on the metadata and content, and the search results can be saved in an Excel sheet.
5. List of Content Types – This feature displays the list of all Content Types in the Site and its Columns.
6. Enhanced Update metadata feature – Bulk metadata editor – This feature updates multiple fields in multiple Lists with a single click.

Find out more about these developments and learn more on how the SharePoint Information Organizer can be used to improve the efficiency of your SharePoint environment, by visiting –