XPlica for SharePoint – A comprehensive SharePoint migration solution

XPlica for SharePoint product has been expanded with several new features and a host of benefits to the users.  SharePoint 2013 on-premise server and SharePoint Online support. Maintain source SharePoint server hierarchy in the target SharePoint server. Source and target server settings can be defined using flexible mapping templates, which can be re-used during content […]

Feature enhancements in SharePoint Farm Reporter v4.1

A new version of SharePoint Farm Reporter v4.1 has been released recently with the following features: Inventory Reports – new category of reports to prepare yourself for migration You can take a quick inventory of Site Collections, Sites, Lists and List Items in your SharePoint server using these newly added built-in reports. These reports will […]

How to clean up SharePoint – Lists, List Items & Users

A platform like SharePoint offers users a great way to create exchange and expand their content. But it has to be administered efficiently to keep SharePoint content under manageable limits. An uncontrolled growth can soon lead to content bloat. That is when administrators and content owners have to step in to carry out content management […]

Feature enhancements in AD Change Tracker v2.1

A new version of AD Change Tracker v2.1 has been released recently with features like Search Events and Events History Manager.  1. Search Events: The Search Events is a powerful feature that allows you to locate the security events that have occurred over a time period and stored in the application’s Events History database. To […]

New features in NTFS Security Manager v2.0

A new version of NTFS Security Manager 2.0 has been released recently with features like Copy Permission to copy permissions from one sharefolder to other share(s)folder(s), Replace option to replace an existing account with single or multiple accounts by retaining the same permissions in the permissions list and Change History to view permissions change history […]

Higher level of customization offered to SPListX customers

SPListX v7 provides a template to customize the metadata format when exporting column values to the metadata file. SPListX default formats can be customized using this template. You are allowed to customize the format of the value from the set of available or possible values for each column type. These customized formats will be used […]

New Feature in NTFS Security Auditor 3.0

A new version of NTFS Security Auditor 3.0 has been released recently with features to report on effective Dynamic Access Control (DAC) permissions in Windows Server 2012 and Security Viewer feature. The new version provides different types of Effective DAC reports and presents NTFS permissions of entire local file system folders and network shared folders […]

SharePoint Information Organizer 1.0

SharePoint Information Organizer is a centralized content management application that can help you manage content, metadata and users right from within SharePoint. SharePoint Information Organizer v1.0 has been released recently.  What is SharePoint Information Organizer? It is a powerful application to organize, maintain and cleanup content from SharePoint Sites, Lists and Libraries. The tool lets […]

DocKIT for SharePoint v8.0 arrived

A new version of DocKIT for SharePoint has been released to support SharePoint 2013. You can now migrate folders and files from file shares and network drives to SharePoint 2013 along with document properties or metadata. SharePoint 2013 makes it a lot easier for people to work together. It enables your teams to set up […]

SPListX for SharePoint Beefed Up With Additional Features

A new version of SPListX for SharePoint has been released with additional features to support SharePoint 2013 and do more. The additional capabilities that enhance the potential of this application further are shown below. 1. Supports SharePoint 2013 Environment – Exports lists, list items and libraries from the SharePoint 2013 environment along with associated metadata […]

SharePoint Reporting – Feature enhancements in SharePoint Farm Reporter v4.0

A new version of SharePoint Farm Reporter v4.0 with the following features and enhancements has been released recently. Enhancements: 1. Supports Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 & Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013. 2. Enhancement to Audit Settings: New ‘Apply to all’ check box in Audit Settings to configure selected events for ALL URLs in the URL list […]

SharePoint Reporting – Feature enhancements in SharePoint Farm Reporter v3.2

SharePoint Reporting software SharePoint Farm Reporter’s new version is bundled with three new reports and a couple of report enhancements. 1. Effective Permissions of list items: This report displays information about the effective permissions of users/groups in the list items.       Figure #1: Effective Permissions of list items         2. Effective Permissions of lists: This […]

ARK for Exchange Server v7.0 released

The new version of ARK for Exchange Server (ARKES) v7.0 has been released recently with mail traffic and statistics reports and other feature enhancements.  ARKES v7.0 addresses collecting, archiving and reporting all types of mail transaction details from the Exchange Server. This new version reports on different types of Mail Transactions as well as Mail […]