Challenges in Office 365 License Usage Management, Reporting and Analysis

When you migrate to Office 365, there in one critical element in managing your Office 365 environment and that is your Office 365 License usage, because this is what burns your dollars based on the Office 365 license plan you have subscribed to. You need to get insights on how your Office 365 licenses are being put to use. Remember, if you don’t regularly monitor your Office 365 licenses and their usage, your Office 365 usage costs would not be justified. The size and growth of your users need frequent attention. License usage is difficult to track if you don’t have the right reports on how licenses have been assigned, reassigned or unassigned. You may encounter situations where Users may leave the organization, temporary project teams may require short term licenses, departments that use a chunk of your licenses may not be putting them to use and so on. Without proper insightful reporting on Office 365 License Usage, you will never understand how exactly your users are using the Office 365 services that they have been granted access to.

Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite provides powerful features for managing licenses in bulk for users and reporting license usage in several different ways. You can assign and remove specific license type or services for users in bulk. For example, you can remove a particular license (service) for a whole department that may not have a need for it. You can reassign these licenses elsewhere. You can assign licenses to a group of users in bulk. Using the Office 365 Reports feature, you can get a count of each type of license across users, license types and their users, Users and their assigned licenses etc. You can also compare your assigned Office 365 licenses with your purchased license count.

Office 365 License Manager

License Type By Count

A few more new features are coming up soon to provision and deprovision Office 365 users and licenses in Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite. Office 365 administrators in organizations that have several hundreds of Office 365 users will find Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite immensely useful to reduce the time and complexities involved in managing licenses in their Office 365 environment.

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