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Active Directory Change Tracker


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Vyapin Active Directory Change Tracker performs a complete change audit of your Active Directory - tracks, analyzes and reports all changes made to your Active Directory configuration. The tool audits all changes made to your Active Directory by periodically collecting only the changed data, reporting what exactly changed, along with the new and old values, when the change was made, where the change happened in your Active Directory and the tool also determines who made the change by looking up the Security Event logs of your audit-enabled Active Directory.

Why Active Directory Change Tracker?


Accomplish more with less of your time and every dollar of your investment. Here is a summary of what you can do with this product solution:

Track and audit all changes made to Active Directory, across your enterprise. Track changes to critical OUs and containers.

Track changes with or without using Active Directory’s native auditing capabilities. To see the pros and cons of using Active Directory’s native auditing. Click here...

Efficient data collection. Only incremental Change data is collected during each run. Creates almost no additional load on the domain controllers.

Store several years of Change data in a SQL database for security, compliance and regulation purposes.

Search your entire Change History using powerful Search criteria – search for additions, deletions and modifications on specific users, groups, OUs, object property values etc.

Get Real Time Alerts through emails about events in your Active Directory, as it updates you as soon as they occur. These alerts notify you instantaneously as events are registered in the Security Log of domain controllers helping you secure your Active Directory.

Security event log data collection for the configured event IDs.

Search your entire Events History using powerful Search criteria - search for event IDs, date range and domains.

Reports the events data for AD object changes (created/modified/deleted objects), User logon/logoff activities, Password changes and Terminal Services activities (User disconnected and re-connected to the session.) from the occurrence of specific Event ID(s) in domain controller(s).

What's New in ?

Group Policy Object (GPO) change tracking is no longer supported.

Supports Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

Supports SQL Server 2012 (Enterprise/Standard/Express) editions.

Fixed the issue of existing objects being reported as newly 'Added' when tracking scope changes from initially set Specific OUs to Entire Domain after a change in AD.

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Watch this Active Directory Change Tracker video to see for yourself its capabilities and potential in serving your needs of tracking and auditing the Active Directory.

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