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Active Directory Change Tracker
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Active Directory Change Tracker

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What load does the application place on the DC when collecting (A) the changed data (B) the changed data along with security event log records?

ADChangeTracker extracts only the changed data from your DC and results in practically no additional load on your DC. It tracks and gathers only the incremental changes. If you use Security event log data, depending on the size of your Event logs, there will be some processing time to extract the relevant events using event log queries. Event log query times typically vary depending on the size of the logs, the native auditing load on the system and the complexity of the query.

Why I am not getting 'Change made by' field even after enabling auditing and also having 'Administrators' group membership?

This may be due to Windows Firewall setting that disallows reading Domain Controller's Event log. Ensure that the target Domain Controller is not prevented by the Windows Firewall from reading the Event logs by performing the following steps:

What permissions are required on the SQL server?

ADChangeTracker can be configured to use Windows Authentication or SQL server authentication to connect to SQL server. Depending on the authentication, the user account must have sufficient privileges to create, delete and modify databases in the SQL server.

I need to reinstall the application. Can I continue to use the existing database? Can I continue to use my previous application settings?

Yes. When you reinstall the application on the same computer, you may continue to use the previously created database, provided the database is not deleted during the uninstallation process. You may also continue to use the previous application settings if the settings are not deleted during the uninstallation process. The application uninstallation process will give you different options to uninstall the application.

Why 'ADCT Listener Service' gets restarted by the application automatically?

'ADCT Listener Service' gets restarted by the application automatically in the following scenarios:

Why do I configure certain Event ID(s) in ADChangeTracker application for generating Events Reports?

Events Reports in ADChangeTracker is generated using the events data collected from the domain controller(s) using ADCT Listener service application.

To generate ‘Events Reports’ the following event ID(s) must be configured in Real Time Events -> Alerts for Security event log data collection as per the reports,

If the Event ID(s) are not configured, Events Reports will be reported as empty.