Exchange Server Reporting Tool – ARKES – Vyapin Software

ARK for Exchange Server (ARKES) is an Exchange Server Reporting and Analytics solution to audit and report on Exchange Server’s Mailboxes, Public Folders, Usage, Security and Server configuration. The solution allows you to audit, track and analyze all critical information in your Exchange Server & Active Directory network.

Why ARK for Exchange Server?


  1. Offers various categories of Reports

    Mailbox Reports, Mail User Reports, Distribution Groups Reports, Mail Contact Reports, Public Folder Reports, Organization Reports, Server Reports, Policy Reports, Protocol Reports, Connector Reports, Information Store Reports, Mail Item Reports.

  2. Mail Status Updates

    Provides in-depth data about Sender Mails, Recipient Mails, Distribution Groups/Lists across Exchange mail Users in the Exchange organization.

  3. Graphical Representation of Reports

    Provides graphical (2D/3D chart) reports of mail traffic from mailboxes / distribution groups.

  4. Mail Transaction Details

    Reports bring out critical details about mail transactions.

  5. Supports Exchange Server versions

    Covers Exchange Server 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.


  • No agent installation in the Exchange Server platform - Information is collected, processed and displayed, all on the same machine where ARKES is installed.
  • Ease of use - Runs off your desktop taking just minutes to install and configure the application.
  • Generate reports for different versions of Exchange servers from within a single application.
  • Documentation of your entire Exchange Server - useful for Security Audit, Change management, Disaster recovery, Project management, IT system implementation, IT rollout checklists, system baseline configuration settings, internal controls etc. Document your Exchange server information prior to performing major upgrades and user migration to assist in data re-configuration and capacity planning.
  • Audit and report Exchange configuration settings, server usage, security policies for IT system audit and compliance needs.
  • Manage and view several Exchange Server reports in their own display views at the same time. Compare properties (general, security etc.) of similar objects in different Exchange Servers in the same site and organization.
  • Improve server performance and operational efficiencies by optimizing resources in the Exchange Organization.
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