Features of IIS 7 Reporting Tools – Vyapin Software

Filter and Customize data

Powerful Filter and Customize options to track and report only the desired information across different objects and their properties.

  • Quick Filter: Allows you to quickly filter data based on search strings and numbers. For example, all web sites that starts with “P” may be filtered by a simple string filter ‘Web Site Name’ starts with ‘p’. A simple string filter using “DefaultAppPool” as the search string will display all web sites having DefaultAppPool”” as their application pool.
  • Advanced Filter: Allows the user to select columns to display, perform advanced query based filtering using Field names and their values and Save the filter configuration for future use. Selecting and applying a saved filter will apply the filter and directly produce the desired subset of data.

Built-in Reports

Allow users to quickly select and generate common and frequently used reports. These useful predefined reports have been provided keeping in mind some of the most common tasks in IIS reporting.

Custom Reports

Create your own reports with default IIS fields, custom fields (say, Site Owners, Site Description etc.) and scan for new web sites added in IIS.

Server and site comparison

Compare web server, website and virtual directory configuration settings through the standard comparison reports.

Manage Favorite servers and websites

Web servers and websites that need special attention can be tracked using “Manage Favorite Groups” through Web Sites Standard Reports.


All the Reports for offline export to MS-Access database / HTML / Comma Separated Values (CSV) / XLS/ PDF/ TIFF file formats.

Preview and Print Reports

Flexible print preview and print options to print the reports from ARKIIS to any local / network printer.

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