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NTFS Change Auditor
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NTFS Change Auditor

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File access auditing and Reporting Tool

NTFS Change Auditor is a file server auditing tool to track and audit all user accesses and changes made to NTFS Shares, Folders and files in your servers and workstations. The tool audits all changes by collecting events in real time from the Security Event log and reporting who accessed what, what exactly changed and when the change was made. The NTFS file system auditor also maintains a complete history of all changes made.


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Why Use Vyapin NTFS Change Auditor?

What Change Reports you will get?

  • Share Activity Reports
    • Accessed Shares
    • Added Shares
    • Modified Shares
    • Deleted Shares
    • All Changes
  • Permissions Change Report
  • File System Activity Report
  • Ownership Change Report
  • Who Accessed What Report

What's New in ?

User Interface enhancements in configuring servers, shares and folders, user/group accounts for change reporting.

Moved Computer Enumeration section from Configuration Settings dialog to individual shared folder enumeration screen.

Renamed Domain Credentials to Domain/Server Credentials in the Configuration Settings dialog.

Fixed the Timeout expired issue that occurred while using SQL database option in the application.

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