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NTFS Security Auditor
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NTFS Security Auditor

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NTFS Security Auditor is a powerful NTFS permissions reporting tool that gives you complete control and flexibility to audit and report NTFS permissions on folders and files across your organization.

NTFS Security Auditor provides you a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of your Windows File Server audit – permissions of users and groups on shares, folders and files.

Our NTFS permissions reporting software presents insights on how the security of your windows network is organized, by reporting on ACLs of shares, folders and files.

The product caters to the needs of Information Security professionals as well as Systems Management professionals by providing granular, multi-dimensional security reports.

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Why NTFS Security Auditor?


NTFS Security Auditor provides answers to important questions about the security and health of File systems in your servers and workstations.

Who has access to what in your Files, Folders and Shares? Is there any unauthorized access?

What type of access has been granted? Who can Read, Modify and Delete confidential Files and Folders?

Do deleted or unknown users have access to files and folders?

Who have been given special/explicit permissions on folders? Do the normal rules such as “inheritance of permissions by folders from parent” apply or have they been broken or subverted?

Who have unauthorized access to confidential files and folders indirectly because of nested group membership?

Are people sharing folders from their workstations?

Are there Shares in workstations that need further security?

What type of permissions and conditions have been configured for each the Central Access Rules (CAR) in Central Access Policy (CAP) over the domain controller (Windows Server 2012)?

Who have access limited permissions by Dynamic Access Control (DAC) / Central Access Policy (CAP) on Which folder?

Which shared folders and subfolders (in Windows Server 2012) have been affected/not affected by the Central Access Policy?

What's New in ?

Performance improvement in all reports available in Power Search and Built-in Reports -> Permissions feature.

User Interface enhancements in configuring shares and folders, user/group accounts while reporting shared folder permissions.

Moved Computer Enumeration section from Configuration Settings dialog to individual shared folder enumeration screen.

Included “List of folders that have different permissions from parent folder” report in Security Vulnerabilities feature.

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