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Office 365 Export
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Office 365 Export

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  • office 365 exchange online backup mailbox and folder

    Export Mailboxes and Public Folders to PST

    Export mailboxes, online archive and public folders from your Office 365 to file system as PST files.

    Export Mailbox and Public Folders to PST
  • office 365 exchange online backup mailbox and folder

    Office 365 Export

    Export / backup Office 365 Public Folders and User mailbox Folders to the file share. You can make available Office public and message folders, mailboxes and items offline or archive them for restoration.

    Select Filter and Export Office 365 Public and Message Folder contents
  • office 365 exchange online export mailbox and folder

    Office 365 Mailbox and Public Folder Export

    The export task wizard allows you to choose and export all relevant mails from Office 365 Public Folders or Office 365 user mailbox folders either individually or in bulk. There are several different options to help archive shared and personal mailbox contents.

    Read our blog on exporting your Office 365 mailboxes and Public Folders and know more!

    Multiple export item options to choose from
  • exchange online backup folders

    Select Folder Types

    This window displays the list of available folder types. Select the desired folder types to export mail items.

    Select the folder type to export mail items from
  • exchange online backup items

    Office 365 Export as a backup tool

    You can choose to export all the Message Folders content or select and export, inbox, sent, contacts, etc. This export feature is a good option to selectively back up only certain mailbox content from your Office 365 mailboxes, say mails of a project or mails of certain users.

    Various folder options to choose from
  • exchange online export mails filter

    Rule based Office 365 Export to extract mails based on conditions

    User defined filter parameters help filter and export folders, mailboxes, contacts, tasks, events and attachments to the destination. Set conditions for date, content, addresses headers and attachments for selective export of Office 365 mail content.

    Filter conditions to help narrow down search of items
  • exchange online archive destination

    Office 365 Export - Destination File Settings

    Destination file naming choices allow you to set filename conditions according to your convenience. This helps quickly identify the required mail out of the backed up Office 365 mails at the destination.

    File naming rules for export files
  • OneDrive Export

    OneDrive Export

    Archive / Export OneDrive folders and files of user from your OneDrive personal sites to the file system for backup. This feature allows you to export multiple user’s OneDrive personal site and its sub-site content at the same time. Exports may be scheduled at different intervals of time – daily, monthly, weekly etc.

    OneDrive Export