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Office 365 Manager
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Office 365 Manager

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Office 365 Management Tool to efficiently manage your Office 365 Licenses, Mailboxes and Security

Deprovision users effectively from your Office 365 tenant, through a series of essential steps for admins to follow before deleting a user account

Quickly edit Group members, Group owners and User properties in bulk like Designation, Department, Address, Licenses etc. using a grid interface

Save on your Office 365 licensing costs. Take full control of provisioning office 365 user licenses/services with full audit trail.

Migrate and Manage Office 365 mailbox and folder permissions.

Analyze who has access to what in your Office 365.

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Office 365 Management Tool - Features

  • Provision/De-provision Office 365 User Licenses with full audit trail of when and to whom the licenses were assigned or removed.
  • Create and manage Office 365 Licenses in bulk.
  • View assigned licenses by Users or by License types or by usage count of each license type.
  • Keep track of purchased versus assigned licenses with audit trail.
  • Manage Office 365 mailbox permissions such as Full Access, Send As and Send on behalf.
  • Migrate all mailbox permissions from on-premises to Office 365.
  • Perform a complete Security Audit of all your Office 365 users.

Office 365 Management Tool - Highlights

Essential security tasks for admins to perform before deleting a user account from Office 365 tenant.

Modify User properties, Group members and Groups owners using a powerful Excel like tabular interface.

Powerful desktop application to audit and manage Office 365 user licenses, mailbox permissions and security.

No need to use PowerShell scripts and office 365 online management console.

Generate reports on your provisioned licenses by Users, Licenses, License count etc.

Assign or remove mailbox and folder permissions for users during provisioning and de-provisioning.

Get a complete security overview of your Office 365 by understanding User permissions, memberships and One drive access rights.

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