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Office 365 Manager
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Office 365 Manager

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Version 4.2

  • Provision to filter users based on the custom attributes for assigning licenses in Manage Licenses using rules feature.
  • Added a new report called OneDrive Provisioned / Non-Provisioned users under Security Reports category to show the list of users who has their own personal sites and the users who don’t.
  • Introduced a new database option called Application database which doesn’t require any prerequisite for data storage.
  • Added a new feature to copy Exchange role permissions from one user to another under Mailbox Permissions category and Deprovisioning feature.

Version 4.1.1

  • Fixed an issue in Copy Task and in User Picker when using the 'Users who have Admin Roles' option under multiple domains case.
  • Fixed empty data issue in running the Security reports in schedule mode under multiple domains case.

Version 4.1

  • Provision to filter external and internal users in Security reports category.
  • Fixed an issue in recipient picker to load users from multiple domains in Office 365.

Version 4.0

  • New features: Included new features under Manage Users and Groups category in Office 365 Manager module:
    • De-provision Users - Perform various actions like Reset user password, Remove access from user mobile device, Replace user account with another account, Archive user OneDrive content, Remove e-mail forwarding, Forward user incoming mails to another mailbox, Convert user mailbox to shared mailbox, Remove user from distribution groups, Remove user from admin roles, Delete user account on multiple users.
    • Manage Users - Provision to modify properties like Name, Address, Department, Designation, licenses for multiple users in a single click.
    • Manage Groups - Provision to modify group members, group owners for multiple groups in a single click.
  • New Reports: Included new set of reports under Security Reports category in Office 365 Manager module:
    • OneDrive Permissions Report - Shows the list of users who have access to OneDrive sites residing in Office 365.
    • OneDrive Non-Owner Permissions Report - Shows the list of users who are not owners but have access to the folders and files available in the personal site of users.
    • Site Collection Administrator Access – Shows the list of users who are Site Collection Administrators of the selected OneDrive sites.

Version 3.0.1

  • UI enhancements to show the progress of retrieving Mailbox Permissions information.
  • Fixed an issue in exporting certain Dashboard Summary reports that contains two different data sections to export as two separate files.

Version 3.0

  • Included the following new features:
    • Manage licenses using rules – License management feature to assign licenses for the users who are filtered based on the search conditions provided.
    • Manage licenses using rules (Advanced) - Advanced license management feature to provide additional filtering options with logical operations.
    • Manage Mailbox Permissions - Included Auto mapping option to add additional mailbox to the user's Outlook profile while assigning Full Access permissions.
    • Reset Mailbox Permissions - Added new Reset Mailbox Permissions feature to reset all non-owner mailbox permissions (Send As, Full Access and Send on Behalf) for a given set of mailboxes.
    • Manage Group Members - Added new Manage Group Members feature to assign or remove users from the selected groups.
    • Manage Admin Roles - Added new Manage Admin Roles feature to assign or remove users from the admin roles.
    • Non-Owner Mailbox access report – Displays the list of all users who have permissions to the other user's mailboxes.
    • Shared Mailbox Access Report – Displays the list of all users who have permissions to the shared mailboxes.
    • Mailbox Audit – This report displays whether the Audit Log is enabled for each mailbox in the tenant.
    • User Retention Policy - Displays the retention policy information of all the users. Retention policy allows you to control how long the mails should be retained in the user’s mailbox.
    • User Password Settings – Displays the Password setting information of all users.

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Version 2.1

  • Fixed installation issue for 64-bit windows OS.
  • Added OneDrive report for users to show who has access to folders and files in the OneDrive site within office 365.
  • Modified Manage Licenses feature to assign Usage Location, for users missing location information

Version 2.0

  • Provision to assign or remove permissions (Full Access, Send As and Send on Behalf) for the selected users on selected Mailboxes.
  • Provision to assign or remove permissions (Owner, Publishing Editor, Editor, Publishing Author, Author, Non-editing Author, Reviewer and Contributor) for the selected users on selected Mailbox folders.
  • Provision to migrate permissions (Full Access, Send As and Send on Behalf) from on-premise mailboxes to Office 365 Mailboxes.
  • Security Impact report for Users to show who has access to which mailboxes and to analyze the security implications of user access rights, roles and group membership information.
  • Added a series of reports called Dashboard Summary showing all the activity and statistics of the mailboxes, groups, users etc.

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Version 1.0

First version of Office 365 Manager module that helps the user to manage Office 365 licenses.

It provides a desktop management console to help you assign or remove Office 365 license for specific users or all users in Office 365. It also provides various reports related to license information like license assigned users, organization wide license and assigned license count.

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