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Dockit 365 Migrator
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Dockit 365 Migrator

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Version 1.1.6088

  • Improved File explorer to show up all Cloud Storage (say, Google Drive, Dropbox, box, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.,) Sync app installed in the computer.
  • It helps users navigate their Cloud Storage sync folder quickly.

Version 1.1.6082

  • Fixed to load contents in File Explorer for multiple users in OneDrive job.

Version 1.1.6075

  • Fixed Document Set provisioning issue when the content type is specified using Default Value setting in Column Mapping feature.
  • Fixed issue when detecting related fields of Taxonomy (Managed Metadata) column that is added from Site Content Types.
  • Refactored Azure blob deletion while deleting job history instance.

Version 1.1.6043

  • Migrate documents from file shares to OneDrive for Business using the new and exclusive migration job.
  • Automatic provisioning of OneDrive sites (personal site).
  • Search provision in application UI wherever essential.
  • Improvements to Enterprise Keywords metadata assignment for Microsoft Office documents.
  • Faster loading of list items and folders in Dockit 365 Explorer, including lists whose list view threshold is exceeded.
  • Improved performance especially when prepend and append options are used for handling file duplicates.
  • Enhancements in the activity log viewer for OneDrive migration to view individual user account specific migration statistics.
  • Introduced real-time monitor to track Azure storage to Office 365 job status to report the status accurately to the user.

Version 1.0.5985

  • Automatic rename of thicket folders (_Files) to _Files_ to avoid migration failure.
  • Automatic rename of folder named Forms to _Forms_, when migrating it to the root folder of a SharePoint library.
  • Enforced mandatory column check to avoid partial metadata.
  • Enhanced to load Job History faster.
  • Provision to delete a migration job and its history instances.
  • Changed Job History view to display details of the selected job only.
  • Enhanced to show maximum number of documents being uploaded concurrently.

Version 1.0.5950

  • Vyapin’s Dockit 365 migration tool uses the Office 365 Migration API that boosts the speed of file migration by leveraging Azure.
  • Provides an intuitive UI to easily setup & execute a migration job with simple drag-n-drop operations.
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