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Dockit 365 Migrator
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Dockit 365 Migrator

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Version 2.0.6373

  • Fixed the The client could not finish the operation within specified timeout issue, while uploading documents from File Share to Azure.
  • Provision to pick user or group by simply entering the name in User/Group Mapping step.
  • Fixed to assign permissions, when a SharePoint group is mapped to a new security group (yet to be used) in target.
  • Provision to use Run only when user is logged on and Run whether user is logged on or not flags in Task scheduler in Windows environments where "Network access: Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials for network authentication policy" is enabled. This will fix "A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070520)" error in scheduling the migration job in the application.

Version 2.0.6352

  • Improved web parts migration status in activity log.
  • Fixed to migrate unique permissions only when site permission option is selected.
  • Fixed to migrate permissions if source (Security Group) is mapped to target (SharePoint Group).

Version 2.0.6348

  • Supports on premise SharePoint (2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016) content migration to SharePoint Online.

Version 1.4.6296

  • Improvements in usage and migration statistics.
  • Fixed an issue in assigning date value to SharePoint columns irrespective of system culture.

Version 1.4.6279

  • Supports creation of new folder structure by using New Folder column in the batch file, when running the migration job.
  • Finer control of Folder Traversal Options for documents.
  • Migrate content by using Excel batch file. With this option, the batch file content is verified and the file entries are added to the migration job.
  • Introduced Pre-migration validation tool to simulate the migration job and identify possible errors during execution.
  • Improved overall migration speed by leveraging the migration API.
  • Provision to traverse folders and access files that exceed 256 characters long.
  • Support for Cloud Identity based authentication, in addition to federated authentication.

Version 1.3.6170

  • Leverages FREE Azure storage containers offered by Microsoft to avoid storage costs incurred with the Office 365 data migration.
  • Encrypts content with 256-bit AES encryption technique to ensure the migrated data remains secure in transit and at rest in Azure storage containers.

Version 1.2.6144

  • Added provision to migrate NTFS permissions to Office 365/SharePoint Online with Domain Mapping, User Mapping and Permission Mapping settings. The new settings help in replacing users who are no longer available in the organization, map NTFS permissions - > SharePoint permissions and map users that are residing in different source and target domains.
  • Included provision to update External Data (BCS) column with filter condition. End users can now use filter condition to pick the record from Data Source.
  • Added provision to update Person/Group column with SharePoint Group value from metadata file. Only user values were supported earlier.
  • Included support to migrate files beginning with a dot or without file names (e.g., .DS_Store).
  • Avoids file existence check when migrating the containing folder for the first time. This could potentially increase the migration speed up to 50% for fresh migration.

Version 1.1.6116

  • Assigns date column value based on the target site’s time zone settings (when using external metadata file). This will be observed when the language of the computer running Dockit 365 Migrator application and Office 365 site’s display language are different.
  • Added basic support for External Data (BCS) column.
  • Refactored UX elements in SharePoint Explorer for optimized memory utilization when loading large number of items.
  • Provision to change Azure storage setting in an existing migration job for user convenience.

Version 1.1.6088

  • Improved File explorer to show up all Cloud Storage (say, Google Drive, Dropbox, box, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.,) Sync app installed in the computer.
  • It helps users navigate their Cloud Storage sync folder quickly.

Version 1.1.6082

  • Fixed to load contents in File Explorer for multiple users in OneDrive job.

Version 1.1.6075

  • Fixed Document Set provisioning issue when the content type is specified using Default Value setting in Column Mapping feature.
  • Fixed issue when detecting related fields of Taxonomy (Managed Metadata) column that is added from Site Content Types.
  • Refactored Azure blob deletion while deleting job history instance.

Version 1.1.6043

  • Migrate documents from file shares to OneDrive for Business using the new and exclusive migration job.
  • Automatic provisioning of OneDrive sites (personal site).
  • Search provision in application UI wherever essential.
  • Improvements to Enterprise Keywords metadata assignment for Microsoft Office documents.
  • Faster loading of list items and folders in Dockit 365 Explorer, including lists whose list view threshold is exceeded.
  • Improved performance especially when prepend and append options are used for handling file duplicates.
  • Enhancements in the activity log viewer for OneDrive migration to view individual user account specific migration statistics.
  • Introduced real-time monitor to track Azure storage to Office 365 job status to report the status accurately to the user.

Version 1.0.5985

  • Automatic rename of thicket folders (_Files) to _Files_ to avoid migration failure.
  • Automatic rename of folder named Forms to _Forms_, when migrating it to the root folder of a SharePoint library.
  • Enforced mandatory column check to avoid partial metadata.
  • Enhanced to load Job History faster.
  • Provision to delete a migration job and its history instances.
  • Changed Job History view to display details of the selected job only.
  • Enhanced to show maximum number of documents being uploaded concurrently.

Version 1.0.5950

  • Vyapin’s Dockit 365 migration tool uses the Office 365 Migration API that boosts the speed of file migration by leveraging Azure.
  • Provides an intuitive UI to easily setup & execute a migration job with simple drag-n-drop operations.