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SharePoint Information Organizer
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SharePoint Information Organizer

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Why am I getting 'Cannot Access Local Farm' error while installing the solution packages through batch files?

If "Cannot access local farm" error occurs on executing the batch, it means that the current user doesn't have sufficient permissions to access the Configuration database of the SharePoint server. To assign permissions to current user launch the SharePoint management shell in elevated context and type the following command, Add-SPShellAdmin user domain\user name. This provides the necessary rights for the user to access the SharePoint resources.



Can I update the metadata of an external column using the metadata update feature in SharePoint Information Organizer?

Yes, SharePoint Information Organizer supports updating metadata to an external column seamlessly. The BCS column value along with the filter name should be specified for a successful update. SIO will search for the specified column value in the LOB entity using the given filter and assign the corresponding ID (when the BCS column value match is found) of the LOB record to the external column in SharePoint. Specify this value in filter name: value format. SIO also automatically fills-up the column values associated with the BCS column during update process.