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External Data Connector for SharePoint
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External Data Connector for SharePoint

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Version 2.2

  • Users can request a permanent license key by filling a form within the application.
  • Fixed to show About dialog from Help -> About menu, when the product is licensed.
  • Fixed to correctly update metadata for lookup, choice and number columns after the first run.

Version 2.1

  • Fixed connection issue that occurs in certain cases targeting Oracle Databases.
  • Performance improvement in migrating data sources with large number of columns.

Version 2.0

Version 1.0

First version of SharePoint data integration tool to import data from multiple external data sources, including Databases, SharePoint, CSV and Excel files, integrates them into SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries and vice versa.

Features included in the base version:

  • Import External Data Source objects (tables/worksheets) into SharePoint as List Items and vice versa.
  • Apply metadata from external data sources to documents in SharePoint library. Import data from multiple databases and store under a common SharePoint List.
  • Map columns in Data Sources with SharePoint columns to update them with the original metadata.
  • Use the built-in Query Builder wizard to build queries on tables in databases without having to write complex SQL queries.
  • Edit import preferences using Connection Strings and Query Builder to customize your import.
  • Check previews to ascertain the availability and accuracy of data being imported in and out of SharePoint.
  • Automatically map SharePoint columns with Data source columns. Or use Column Mapping Conditions to map according to your preferences.
  • Use reference columns to avoid adding duplicate Items in SharePoint and Data Source. Automatically create new Lists if necessary while importing DB objects for easy management in SharePoint.
  • Import and move data into SharePoint Library as Documents storing them in CSV/XLSX/HTML file format.
  • Import and move data to any networked storage including Drives, Web folders etc. as documents storing them in CSV/XLSX/HTML file format.
  • Schedule Data integration tasks to run at a convenient period.
  • Auto Synchronization to remove data records from SharePoint or Data Source which are not available in subsequent runs.