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Dockit SharePoint Manager
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Dockit SharePoint Manager

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Version 1.0.6303

  • Included Recent Reports item in Reports blade to view the recently accessed reports for a site collection.
  • Provision to view report description and fields for each report in Reports blade.
  • Included Recycle Bin size in Cumulative Size (in MB) column in Site Summary report.
  • Supports cloud search service application in Search Application Managed Properties report.
  • Fixed to display column value as Yes/No instead of True/False in List Item Metadata report.
  • Provision to collect information from sub site for All sites in web application scope in Web Parts report.
  • Corrected to report values of various settings in Site Settings report even if the setting is not changed once.
  • Corrected to fix empty values in the following reports:
    • Default Quota Template column in Web Application General Settings report.
    • Display Name, Full Name, Designation and Company Name columns in Audit Visited Items report.
    • Permission Level column in Effective Permissions of Users report.
  • Fixed to report correct values for Content Type Name and Group Name columns in Audit Profile Changed report when multiple entries for a single event.
  • Fixed to exclude reporting newly added users in Newly Added Items report.
  • Fixed to avoid empty data in Newly Added Items, Last Modified Items and Last Deleted Items reports even if Change Log job has not run recently.

Version 1.0.6185

  • Auto Discover feature to scan the SharePoint servers in the domains in the Active Directory network. It will list with SharePoint servers with Dockit SharePoint Manager Service installed.
  • Provision to start and stop Dockit SharePoint Manager Service from the client application at ease.

Version 1.0.6099

  • Fixed querying properties of destination list item in Audit Copied Items Report, if the item is deleted already.
  • Fix to allow users to use the same AD Server for different SharePoint Servers in App Settings.

Version 1.0

  • New version release.