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Dockit for SharePoint
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Dockit for SharePoint

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  • sharepoint migration software to import documents and metadata

    Import documents and metadata to SharePoint libraries

    Import folders and files along with metadata & file permissions from file shares to SharePoint libraries using Dockit’s Explorer interface or a batch descriptor file.

    Dockit allows you to associate metadata of documents stored in an external file, thereby eliminating the burden of manually entering values to the documents while checking in. This feature is extremely useful when you have the document properties (metadata) stored in a database or spreadsheet or any other third-party application.

    Migrate documents & their properties from file shares to SharePoint Libraries
  • Assigning metadata to SharePoint and Office 365 Documents

    Assign metadata to documents in SharePoint Libraries using a metadata file

    Update document metadata to documents already residing in SharePoint libraries using the field values specified in the metadata file. This feature is extremely useful to update document metadata alone without affecting the document or file contents.

    Assign metadata to documents residing in SharePoint libraries
  • Importing metadata to SharePoint and Office 365

    Import data or metadata to SharePoint lists

    Import, Update (Edit) and Delete list items in a SharePoint List based on the line entries in the batch descriptor file. Manage list items residing in multiple SharePoint lists using a single batch file. Dockit allows you to import metadata and its associated file attachments to SharePoint lists such as Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, Survey, Discussion Boards, Announcements, Links, Issue Tracking and Custom Lists. Dockit can also update metadata (column values) for existing SharePoint list items or delete the items, including file attachments in the SharePoint list.

    Import data / metadata / records to SharePoint Lists
  • Importing metadata to SharePoint and Office 365

    Import documents and metadata to OneDrive for Business

    Import folders and files along with metadata & file permissions from file shares to OneDrive for Business libraries using Dockit’s Explorer interface or a batch descriptor file. Migrate content in bulk from users file shares (one user or multiple users) to their respective OneDrive for Business locations in a single migration task.

    Import data / metadata / records to SharePoint Lists
  • Manage metadata in SharePoint Lists

    Manage metadata in SharePoint lists

    Update or Clean-up (Delete) SharePoint list items using Dockit’s Explorer interface using the quick metadata management tool.

    Add / Modify metadata of SharePoint Lists
  • Extract metadata from file shares for SharePoint and Office 365 Migration

    Metadata Extractor

    Generate metadata for a list of files / documents residing in file shares or local drives. Mine out metadata from file summary properties and custom properties for various file formats. You can extract document properties associated with Microsoft Office and PDF and file properties from various file types such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, HTML, TXT, MSG etc. This feature will be useful to auto-generate folder structures, file list and mine out metadata in various file share locations that are to be migrated to SharePoint.

    Generate metadata for folders & files in the file share
  • Update SharePoint columns with document properties

    Map document properties to SharePoint columns

    Map folder & file metadata to SharePoint built-in or custom columns using the Column Mapping Template.

    Apply document properties to SharePoint columns during migration
  • SharePoint Migration - Renaming folders and files automatically

    Rename folder or documents on-the-fly

    Rename folder / documents residing in multiple file locations during migration to collate them as multiple document versions in the SharePoint library or to convert them to SharePoint-friendly names.

    Rename folders/files to comply with SharePoint naming convention
  • Selecting folders and files for migrating to SharePoint

    Filter folders & documents

    Filter folders / documents based on certain metadata prior to import. You can also import data or metadata to a SharePoint library / list based on user-defined criteria.

    Filter and migrate only required documents
  • Migrate file share permissions to SharePoint documents

    Carry forward NTFS permissions

    Map NTFS folder & file user / group permissions to equivalent Permissions Levels in the SharePoint sites. Assign SharePoint roles for AD users & groups and apply security settings to the respective folders & files during content migration.

    Convert NTFS permissions to equivalent SharePoint permissions during migration
  • Migrate files to multiple folders in SharePoint

    Import to multiple destinations

    Dockit enables simultaneous import of documents or metadata into multiple SharePoint libraries / lists in a SharePoint Site.

    Import data to multiple SharePoint libraries in a single migration task
  • SharePoint Migration Automation - How to schedule your imports of files and folders to SharePoint

    Import Task Manager

    Dockit creates import tasks and maintains task history in a task oriented interface. Create a scheduled task or store the task settings and manually run the task on-demand. Keep track of all import tasks performed using Dockit. Task Manager internally uses the familiar Windows Task Scheduler to run import tasks at different time intervals - daily, monthly, weekly etc.

    Task Manager interface to manage migration jobs
  • SharePoint migration - Premigration Validation and Error checking

    Pre-migration Validation

    Validate task settings when importing documents and metadata to SharePoint libraries / lists by performing a dry test run to minimize errors during a live import.

    Validate your migration settings prior to migration
  • Monitoring the status of your SharePoint Migration task

    Activity Status Reports

    View detailed activity log reports classified as completed successfully, errors, warnings and items ignored after the migration task is fully complete.

    See what was migrated, current location and when
  • How re-import documents to SharePoint after the completion of Migration

    Re-import documents

    Re-import folders and documents that failed during content migration in the first attempt by the simple click of a button.

    Remigrate documents missed out earlier
  • How to Automate the various steps in your SharePoint Migration

    Automate Tasks

    Run import tasks from the command line (DOS prompt) or automate to run in a scheduled manner using the Windows Task Scheduler interface. Automatically move the source folders & files to a new target location once they are imported to SharePoint.

    Schedule migration jobs to off-peak hours

Tag document metadata

Dockit migrates folders and documents to SharePoint libraries with the following properties that are important from the source content:

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