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Dockit Migrator for SharePoint
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Dockit Migrator for SharePoint

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Version 10.0.6303

  • Reduced initial SharePoint connection time in migration task.
  • Added a provision to Move files (post-migration) using a single click in ribbon menu (Tools menu).
  • Fixed moving file share content (post-migration) when a mapped drive root location is set as source.
  • Corrected to address Unknown error while migrating libraries from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2010 with Content Approval option set to No and Require Check Out option set to Yes.
  • Fix to migrate files larger than 2 GB from file share to SharePoint Online.

Version 10.0.6289

  • Provision to retrieve metadata of folders in File share Metadata Extractor.
  • Enhanced view migration for the default Posts list available in Blog site template.
  • Improvements in Activity Log while processing site collection.

Version 10.0.6256

  • Dockit for SharePoint and XPlica for SharePoint products are merged together.
  • Enhanced Template manager with better ease of use.
  • File Share Migration
    • Provision to overwrite folders by deleting existing contents and migrate from source afresh.
    • Append and prepend characters for folders if they already exist in target.
    • Pre-migration Validation support in Retry feature to perform mock migration of the erred items.
    • Provision to save results in Pre-migration Validation results.
    • Facilitates extraction of folder metadata in File Share Metadata Extractor tool.
  • SharePoint Migration
    • Provision to create source site collection in target.
    • New Enhanced UI.
    • Better visibility of delta migration capability by means of Incremental Migration feature. Exposed as a ribbon button in the main application window.
    • New Re-do option to help you re-process all the items in the previous migration by starting the migration from scratch.
    • New Retry option to retry only the failed items that had errors in them or unprocessed items due to partial migration in the previous run.
    • Introduced Category Manager to group migration tasks with color coding for easy identification of tasks.
    • Provision to migrate Content Types, Root level web pages and workflow history at the site and list level separately.
    • Ability to select site / list elements during incremental migration.
    • Introduced Basic filter option in Migration Filters.

Version 9.2.6136

  • Separate File/Folder Content Type mapping section in Column Mapping Step to facilitate easy assignment of content types and document set creation.
  • Introduced new default ‘File Rule’ and ‘Folder Rule’ Renaming Rule Templates to overcome SharePoint character restrictions without much effort (replaces invalid characters with hyphen (-) character).
  • Backslash ('\') escape sequence is deprecated in Renaming Rule Templates.
  • Import Conditions / Metadata filters can be set using a simplified basic or advanced user interface (supports CAML query).
  • Enhanced to ignore temporary files (begins with a tilde (~) followed by a dollar sign ($)) created by Microsoft Office applications for Office documents during its edit operation.
  • Supports large files upload (> 250 MB) to SharePoint Online.

Version 9.1.6080

  • Vyapin’s Sandbox Solution is no longer supported, as Microsoft no longer supports Managed Code Sandbox solution in SharePoint Online sites.
  • Upload large files >250 MB to SharePoint Online libraries.
  • Assign values to BCS columns even when Dockit Web Service component is unavailable in the target on premise SharePoint server.
  • Enhanced Pre-migration Validation activity viewer with classification of results.
  • Provision to re-migrate failed items when using "Assign metadata to the documents in SharePoint Libraries" task option.
  • New option included in Incremental Migration tool to migrate content that are changed or modified in the last N days, where N is a user-defined value.
  • View size for individual items in Items to Import step on request.
  • Pre-migration Validation tool has been enabled in OneDrive migration task.

Version 9.0.5987

  • Provision to show the number of folders and their size in Items to import task step and Select items to import dialog, based on the selected Folder Traversal Option.
  • Enhancements to Pre-migration Validation Results viewer:
    • View results based on Show All Results and Show Errors only options.
    • Shows the total number of folders, files and their size.
  • Fixed to show the correct progress indication and the activity log files with correct size for files exceeding 2 GB size.
  • Fixed the issue in loading the list of OneDrive enabled users in admin center and personal site collection with All users in the personal site collection OneDrive migration option.

Version 9.0.5940

  • Full support for SharePoint 2016 server.
  • All new contemporary user interface.
  • Introduced Category Manager to group migration tasks with color coding for easy identification of tasks.
  • Included a dedicated Migrate content to OneDrive for Business task option to migrate contents from file servers, network file shares, local computer and user's personal drives to OneDrive for Business.
  • Effected a quite a few changes in Template Manager for ease of use:
    • Dockit Default template is renamed to Core File Properties and default template Blank is introduced to enable the user to create new template.
    • Dockit Default Column Mapping Template uses the File Properties for the predefined system columns Name, Created and Modified, by default.
    • Provision to seamlessly use the File Properties, Custom Properties (File Properties apart from Pre-defined file properties in DocKIT), Metadata file (Metadata File Columns), Use Function (Function Builder) under Source Column section.
    • Default Value option that will be used to assign target SharePoint columns, in case of any error in assigning the selected source column values.
  • Newly introduced the Column Mapping step for mapping the SharePoint columns and defining default values.
  • Provisioned all URL input fields to use IE URL History in all the dialogs and windows.
  • Enhanced to delete, change folder traversal option as part of the Items to import step, thereby avoiding multiple clicks to modify it inside in Select items to import dialog.
  • Enhanced to load and select columns from metadata file in all task settings, wherever applicable.
  • Provision to modify target SharePoint URL when editing a migration task.
  • Provision to perform incremental migration (can be identified with delta icon in the Task Manager window).
  • Provision to define the folder level for applying folder conditions in Import Conditions step.
  • Provision to update default columns (Created Date, Created By, Modified Date, Modified By) in SharePoint Online using Sandbox solution.
  • Included additional operators (Not Starts With, Not Ends With) in Import Conditions step.
  • Task Wizard Steps
    • Renaming Rules has been moved to Items to import step.
    • Provision to view Pre-migration validation last run result by using run View Results button.
    • Enabled Finish button in all steps during editing of task to quickly save the task after changing few settings.
  • Task History pane
    • Total statistics with source, success, ignored and error items for each task Instances.
    • Newly introduced Retry option to each failed task to provide the user the ability to reimport the failed or unprocessed items.
  • Activity Log Viewer
    • Provision to view pre-migration validation last run result in Task Settings Viewer (by using settings gear).
    • Enhanced Total statistics to show folder and item information separately.
  • Deprecated options:
    • Folder/ file name truncation options that accepts the character length from the user (Modified to proceed with SharePoint allowed limit and report the error as it receives from SharePoint).
    • No separate mapping sections for File and Folder in the new mapping step.
    • Federated identity dashboard tool that validates connection to SharePoint sites (like, Office 365) configured with federated authentication.
    • Permission Options (SharePoint 2010 or Later Only) step. Application has been modified to assign NTFS permission to SharePoint, if the user selects a Permission Mapping template.
    • Clean-up list items list task option (Explorer and Batch mode) that facilitates clean-up of list items in a SharePoint list.
    • Allow fill-in settings options. Enhanced to add the unavailable values always, irrespective of the Allow Fill-in choice in SharePoint. In case of Taxonomy (Managed Metadata) columns, it will not add the values, if the term set is closed for submission.
    • Specific value for any SharePoint column (same metadata for all imported documents).
    • Validate option in Function Builder that validates the functions configured in Column Mapping Template.

Version 8.7

  • Introduced two new options (All folders, Folders at the top-level only) in Folder Import Conditions feature to apply import conditions only for the top level folders or for all folders (including the sub-folders) in the folders added for import.

Version 8.6

Version 8.5

Version 8.4.2

Version 8.4.1

Version 8.4

Version 8.3.3

Version 8.3.2

Version 8.3.1

Version 8.3

Version 8.2.1

Version 8.2

Version 8.1.6

Version 8.1.5

Version 8.1.4

Version 8.1.3

Version 8.1

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Version 8.0

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