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Version 8.3.2

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DocKIT for SharePoint application can help you migrate contents from network file shares, file servers and local hard drives to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 / 2010 / 2007 and Office 365 (SharePoint Online), while preserving NTFS permissions, file properties and associated metadata.


  • 5th generation SharePoint migration solution supporting SharePoint 2001 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013.

  • One of the very first file share to SharePoint migration tools in the industry (v1 released in Nov/Dec 2001). The maturity and its adoption by customers over the years makes it ‘The Gold Standard’ in file share migration for the rest of our competition to catch up with.

  • Handles a variety of migration scenarios – both simple and complex, with its rich and powerful feature set.

  • Terabytes of data migrated from file shares to SharePoint by large multinational corporations in Energy, Oil, Mining, Power and Financial sectors and other Fortune 500 companies.


DocKIT file share migrator stands out in complex and special migration cases:

  1. Import document versions - DocKIT provides granular control in collating documents with different names or documents organized in version folders and stack them up as document versions during migration.

  2. Incremental migration - After the initial migration, import only the newer folders & files or update only the folders / files that have changed in the source folder location.

  3. Assign dynamic metadata or column values during migration - Parse useful values from folder & file names, source folder path and assign them as column values in SharePoint using DocKIT’s built-in functions for mining out metadata. Use built-in functions to construct metadata values from the source metadata properties residing in file summary properties or external metadata file properties and assign them to SharePoint library / list columns of your choice.

  4. Create Document Sets - Create new document sets, tag metadata to document sets, create document versions and assign unique metadata to each document version when storing them in the document sets, all this while performing the file share migration to SharePoint libraries.

  5. New file names - Replace illegal characters in SharePoint with friendly characters or supply a new file name or formulate a file name from the folder / file properties and assign them during migration.

  6. Build a new folder hierarchy that’s different from the source folder location - Create folders & sub-folders that do not exist in the source location, assign content types and update metadata values to them.

  7. Perform selective migration - Apply complex migration rules to filter contents from file shares based on file types, file names, file sizes and other folder or file properties.

  8. Post migration metadata clean-up and content re-classification - Update document metadata properties to documents that have been migrated to SharePoint using a new metadata file without altering the version stack and the key author and date properties. This feature is extremely useful to tag fresh metadata, re-classify documents and update document properties without affecting the document or file contents.


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