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XPlica for SharePoint
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XPlica for SharePoint

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Can XPlica be installed and run from a desktop / workstation?

XPlica can be installed on Windows 8 / 7 / Vista desktop or workstation running .NET Framework 4.0 or higher. When working with SharePoint Online sites, Windows 7 / 8 with the latest service pack and .NET Framework 4.0 or higher is highly recommended.

What permissions or access are required to migrate list items from one SharePoint list to another?

Can I specify new metadata to be assigned for documents or list items during migration?

Yes, you can replace the old metadata with new values when performing the content migration task using XPlica software. The field names that are specified in the HEADER of the external reference (metadata) file will be used to match the column names in the SharePoint library or list. XPlica will assign the respective columns values specified for each document or list item in the external reference file to the corresponding document or list item in the target location.

What are the general precautions to take while migrating contents to SharePoint?

Does XPlica automatically sync up two SharePoint Libraries?

Yes, by using Incremental Update feature in 'File Options for SharePoint libraries', you can partially achieve automatic synchronization of two SharePoint libraries. This task option will automatically migrate files that were newly created or modified in the source library, since the last migration from the source to target location using XPlica software.

Can XPlica’s migration tasks be invoked from the command line?

Yes, XPlica can invoke its migration tasks from either DOS command prompt or Windows Scheduler any time after a migration task has been created using XPlica's migration task wizard. Please refer to the relevant sections in the application help document for more information.