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XPlica for SharePoint
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XPlica for SharePoint

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  • Migrating SharePoint sites from one version to another

    Migrate site contents in Explorer mode or batch file mode

    Migrate sites, lists, libraries and their contents along with associated metadata to another SharePoint location using XPlica's Windows Explorer like interface or a batch descriptor file.

    Migrate Site Collections, Libraries, & Lists with ease
  • Quick migration of your SharePoint Sites

    Quick Migrator to migrate sites, lists and list items

    Migrate site collections, webs, lists and folders from one SharePoint environment to another SharePoint environment while preserving version history, date & user information, content types, permissions, views and web parts from the source server.

    Compress and migrate Site contents to the target location
  • Planning your SharePoint migration tasks to migrate sites to SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

    Tasks Manager

    XPlica creates migration tasks and maintains task history in a task oriented interface. Create a scheduled task or store the task settings and manually run the task on-demand. Keep track of all migration tasks performed using XPlica. Task Manager internally uses the familiar Windows Task Scheduler to run migration tasks at different time intervals - daily, monthly, weekly etc.

    Detailed Task Manager UI for easy & quick migration needs
  • Automating your SharePoint site migration tasks using Vyapin SharePoint Migration tool

    Automate Tasks

    Run migration tasks from the command line (DOS prompt) or automate to run in a scheduled manner using the Windows Task Scheduler interface.

    Unattended content migration through batch files and scheduler mode
  • Preserving your original metadata during SharePoint and Office 365 migration

    Preserve original metadata

    XPlica retains the original metadata of documents and list items, including Created Date, Last Modified Date, Created By (Author), Modified By (Editor), Content Type, Content Approval Status, and Approval Comments fields during migration.

    Synchronize metadata between source and destination locations
  • Migrating web parts from one SharePoint version to another

    Migrate web parts and workflows

    XPlica migrates source web parts and work flow customizations associated with sites and lists to the target server.

    Carry forward your customized settings to the old or new environment
  • Migrating version History of SharePoint Sites when moving  to Office 365

    Migrate version history

    XPlica migrates all versions (version history) or user specified document / list item versions along with its corresponding metadata to the target SharePoint library or list.

    Migrate document versions and metadata to destination
  • Migrating Permissions to SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

    Migrate permissions

    Migrate user memberships and role assignments (permission levels) associated with lists, list items and documents as in the source location.

    Migrate membership and role assignment details of Site contents to the destination
  • Rule-based SharePoint migration when migrating sites and lists

    Migration conditions

    Filter documents based on metadata properties prior to import. You can migrate documents or data to the target SharePoint library / list based on user-defined criteria.

    Create conditions (user defined) and migrate only necessary content
  • SharePoint Migration - automatically mapping document properties from one version to another

    Map document properties to SharePoint columns

    Map folder & file metadata properties to SharePoint built-in or custom columns using the Column Mapping Template.

    Update document properties in SharePoint columns
  • Update SharePoint metadata from external reference files when migrating from one SharePoint version to another

    Update metadata using external metadata reference file

    Associate new metadata properties, including document name, custom column values, content types etc. for each document or list item version, using the values specified in the metadata reference file. This feature is extremely useful for metadata cleansing before migrating the library or list contents to the new SharePoint location.

    Update SharePoint columns with values from a metadata file
  • Extracting and cleaning up your metdata before migrating to SharePoint and Office 365

    Metadata Collator

    List Metadata Collator tool helps you generate a full inventory of library / list items in a SharePoint Library or List along with their metadata and export this information to a CSV file. This tool will be extremely useful when you would like to clean-up your existing metadata or fill-in missing metadata and input new metadata (re-organize metadata) during content migration to a new SharePoint server.

    Create an inventory of the Site / List content you want to migrate
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