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XPlica for SharePoint
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XPlica for SharePoint

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Version 6.11

  • Vyapin’s Sandbox Solution is no longer supported, as Microsoft has discontinued support for Managed Code Sandbox solutions in SharePoint Online sites.
  • Provision to retain list item ID is no longer available for SharePoint Online / O365, since Vyapin’s Sandbox Solution (WSP) has been discontinued.
  • Fix for migrating contents from more than one source location with item level filter condition in the batch file mode (previously, The column does not exist in the SharePoint list error message is reported).
  • Automatic activation of site features from XPlica client application.
  • Fix to retain the same order for SharePoint Quick Launch links in source and target.
  • Fix for updating list view or web part view having columns with same display names, but different internal names in its Group By section.
  • Fix to update the view for migrated web part in default.aspx page.

Version 6.10

  • Included new XPlica Server Agent for SharePoint 2016.
  • Provision to migrate BCS column when XPlica Server Agent is unavailable in the target SharePoint server or the Vyapin SharePoint Solution is not deployed in SharePoint Online (Office 365).
  • Supports large files upload (> 250 MB) to SharePoint Online.

Version 6.9

  • Retain source list item ID for list items migrated across SharePoint lists (except libraries).
  • Fixed the issue of MS Office documents (Excel & Word) residing in SharePoint 2010 going to recovery mode when opened using Office 2013 (Excel 2013/Word 2013).
  • Fix to avoid creating duplicates when SharePoint date columns are used to check list item existence in target SharePoint sites enabled with Daylight Savings settings.
  • Fixed a bug in valid users getting replaced with the user given for Unresolved Users macro in User/Group Mapping Template.
  • Fixed to detect the correct user for a person or group column whose schema is customized to store Email ID value instead of default login name.
  • Corrected the anomaly of checking for the version number match during incremental migration, when versioning is disabled in both source and target lists. Fixed to ignore XPlica task's setting when migrating list items to target SharePoint list, where versioning setting is disabled. Previously, Versioning is disabled in the destination list message got reported in the activity log.
  • Fixed to create person or group column whose schema is customized to remove UserSelectionScope tag.

Version 6.8.2

  • Fixed the issue in overwriting the list item during incremental migration to a target list with versioning disabled. (Previously, it did not migrate the items and reports the "Cannot add item / document as new version, as Version Settings is disabled in the destination list" message in the activity log).

Version 6.8.1

  • Fixed a port configuration issue in XPlica Server Agent.

Version 6.8

  • Activates site collection features in target while migrating them from source SharePoint.
  • Introduced All Unresolved Users macro in User / Group Mapping template to map all the unresolved users from source SharePoint with a particular user account.
  • Enhanced to maintain target list URL with the same value as source list URL, even if title of the source list has been changed after its creation.
  • Changed to update link for Document ID, if it is set to retain from source.
  • Enhanced activity log reporting for difference in data types of source and target site column used in content type (when adding site column to content type).
  • Fixed to migrate discussion Board items whose title exceeds 128 characters (previously, “The specified file or folder name is too long. The URL path for all files and folders must be 260 characters or less (and no more than 128 characters for any single file or folder name in the URL). Please type a shorter file or folder name.” error was thrown).
  • Enhancements to web pages and web parts migration:
    • Escapes the new line character (\r\n) available in the source page content area which is migrated to target SharePoint page. Occurs when migrating page contents from the Pages library created by activating the Office SharePoint Server Publishing feature in source SharePoint 2007.
    • Migrates web parts to the web part zone instead of migrating them to the page content area (when migrating pages to the publishing sites).
    • Enhanced the activity log reporting to inform the unavailability of page layout in target SharePoint while migrating aspx pages.
    • Fixed to migrate aspx pages that are in checked-out state with Require Check Out option enabled in the target SharePoint library.

Version 6.7

  • New wildcard options to migrate site structure alone or with site contents in batch file task option.
  • Provision to migrate sites based on site level migration conditions.
  • Activate site features in target while migrating them from source SharePoint.
  • New Sandbox solution to update SharePoint default columns like Created Date, Created By, Modified Date, Modified By, Approval Status and Approver Comments and to retain version history while targeting SharePoint Online.
  • Provision to migrate alerts when migrating contents to SharePoint Online / Office 365.
  • Modified to migrate landing page (from /default.aspx page in source to Pages/default.aspx in target) when the source SharePoint is Team Site and the target SharePoint is Publishing Site.
  • Modified to assign destination SharePoint user credential in the application for group owner, when the group owner is not available in target SharePoint.
  • Enhanced to create a new column in the target list with same source site column's settings, if the data type of source and target site column is different.
  • Supports migrating .mht file attachments from source, even when they could be corrupt.
  • Introduced SharePoint Default as one of default column mapping templates (for SharePoint 2013) to update default columns with certain limitations to avoid modifying target list settings.
  • Leverages Open XML standards to read batch files in XLSX format.
  • Introduced File name without extension property in Item Level migration condition.
  • File name with extension property in Item Level migration condition is no longer supported, as Item Name property serves the same purpose.
  • End version made optional under Migrate versions by in Version Options step in XPlica Task Wizard.
  • Supports migration of pre-existing SharePoint 2007 web parts from SharePoint 2010 and later versions.
  • Enhanced Replace option of Permission migration to replace users in an existing group instead of deleting and recreating the group.
  • Included rollbacks at various levels (such as file, list items, content types) to backtrack the processed actions (like, deleting the list newly created by XPlica, if fails to assign permissions), in case of error.
  • Provision to modify source and target SharePoint URL when editing a migration task.
  • Included activity log reporting for web part migration.
  • Optimized to reduce memory footprint.
  • Enhanced process for all file actions (like, create file, update metadata for file), wherever applicable. Prevents possible conflict in workflow triggers.
  • Users can request a permanent license key by filling a form within the application.
  • Fix to create Calculated column having a site column in its formula in the target list (previously The reference field not found error was thrown).
  • Fix to assign site permissions for sites residing in managed path site collections.
  • Fix to migrate Hyperlink column values that are prefixed by other than http:// and https:// like file:// or mailto:.
  • Fix to create columns specified in the Column Mapping Template if they are unavailable in target SharePoint.
  • Fix for modifying user/group permissions when those entries already exist in target SharePoint site.
  • Fix to migrate publishing page web parts.
  • Fix for permission migration from SharePoint 2003.
  • Fix to create columns specified in Migrate selected columns option in task settings, if they are not available in target.
  • Fix to update links used in source web parts with the equivalent links in target when migrating web parts. The web parts are List View, Excel View, Category, List Filter, Image, Page Viewer.

Version 6.6

Version 6.5.2

Version 6.5.1

Version 6.5

Version 6.4.4

Version 6.4.3

Version 6.4.2

Version 6.4.1

Version 6.4

Version 6.3.1

Version 6.3

Version 6.2

Version 6.1.3

Version 6.1.2

Version 6.1.1

Version 6.1

Version 6.0.2

Version 6.0.1

Version 6.0

Version 5.0