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VM Performance Analyzer
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VM Performance Analyzer

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Using Performance Analyzer you can analyze all performance metrics of Hyper-V Host and their VMs in your Hyper-V environment. You can perform a Trend Analysis of various loads by charting the history of important performance variables related to CPU, Memory, IO and Network.

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Periodically collect performance data for each Hyper-V host and its VMs and analyze the CPU, Memory, Storage and Network metrics for a specific time interval.

View Summary reports for Hyper-V Hosts or VMs by aggregating performance metrics for different intervals of time in the form of daily, weekly and monthly charts.

Compare performance metrics between one or more Hyper-V hosts and VMs to analyze types of workloads using charts and tabular views.

Identify performance bottlenecks by understanding how different workloads consume CPU, Memory, IO and Network resources.