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VM Performance Monitor
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VM Performance Monitor

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The application error log file "HyperVSuiteErrorLog.Log" is gradually increasing in size. Can I delete it?

Yes, you may delete this error log file. Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite generates an error log file in the common application data path. The error log file tends to increase in size over a period of time especially if the application meets with frequent error conditions. The application does an "append" to the error log each time it runs. This is required for diagnostic purposes during trouble shooting. You may delete the error log file periodically.

Why do I get the message "The specified domain does not exist? Specify a valid domain name." while adding/editing/connecting to a domain?

When the enumeration settings option is set to 'Use ADSI'. Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite uses ADSI for enumerating servers present in a domain. During this process, Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite tries to connect to the Active Directory Server (Domain Controller) of the specified domain internally. If Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite is unable to find the domain controller for the selected domain, it will display the corresponding message. The following may be one of the reasons for such scenario:

Why am I unable to view all the fields in a report?

Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite allows the users to customize report views using the ‘Customize’ button. The ‘Customize’ button maintains the fields displayed in a report for each Host/VM. Verify whether ‘Customize button’ is highlighted in the report window. If so, you may have used the customize tool and selected the fields to display. The customized fields will be stored and used even when the application is closed and re-opened.

Why am I unable to view all the data for selected Host/VM?

The ‘Filter’ button maintains the data to be displayed in a report for each Host/VM under each report category. Verify whether the ‘Filter button’ is highlighted in the report window. If so, you may have used the Filter tool and provided the conditions for displaying a sub-set of information. The filter conditions set will be stored and used even when the application is closed and re-opened.

I get the message "Unable to collect ..."

This message pops up when you do not have access to the requested data or the data may be unavailable in the destination Host/VM. Ensure that the current user context has sufficient privileges to read the requested information from the Host/VM.

How does the Data Collector feature in Performance Analyzer module of Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite manage the task to collect the Hyper-V hosts and their VMs performance counter information for the configured sample intervals?

To collect Hyper-V host and their VMs performance counters information, Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite creates schedule tasks in Windows Task Scheduler. It collects data based on the task settings provided in the Data Collector configuration wizard. Please note that the scheduled task will run under the specified user account in 'Task Scheduler' dialog and retrieves performance counters information at the specified time intervals.

Why does the User Access Control elevation prompt appear when “Run at System Startup” option is selected in 'Schedule data collection' step in Data Collector Task wizard in Performance Analyzer module?

In order to run the scheduled data collector task at system startup, it requires the currently logged on user to have administrative privileges. If User Access Control (UAC) is enabled and if the currently logged on user does not have administrative privileges, UAC prompt will appear to elevate the user’s privileges.