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ARK for Windows Enterprise
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ARK for Windows Enterprise

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  • windows network domains report

    Domain Reports

    View all domains across the enterprise, their associated servers and trust relationships across domains.

    Scan an entire domain or only a subset of the domain and generate Summary reports on OS version, Service pack, Hardware configuration, Network Configuration, Shares and Installed Applications for all computers in the domain.

    Detailed domain report across the enterprise
  • windows network server

    Server Reports

    Host of information about your servers and workstations
  • windows server server summary

    Export Reports using the Power Export Wizard

    Flexible Export feature to export reports from ARKWE to HTML / XLSX/ Comma Separated Values (CSV) file format and SQL (specific to SQL database option). Reports may be scheduled for export at different intervals of time – daily, monthly, weekly etc. Ability to export reports across domains and servers in a single task in three simple steps –

    Power Export feature to export important report data
  • windows server manage favorite

    Manage Favorite servers

    Windows Servers that need special attention can be tracked using "Scan Profiles" tool

    Track your favorite servers
  • windows server custom reports

    Filter and Customize data

    Powerful Filter and Customize options to track and report only the desired information across different logical entities.

    Filter data from reports to report desired information
  • windows server email reports

    E-mail Report

    E-mail reports to users in the Exchange organization.

    Email reports to important users
  • windows server reporting tools

    Multiple report formats

    Reports can be generated in HTML /CSV / XLSX / SQL (specific to SQL database option) formats.

    Generate reports in various file formats
  • windows server reporting tools

    Database Support

    Supports both MS-Access and SQL Server for data storage.

    Store data in MS-Access or SQL Server