Windows Network Audit and Software Inventory Reporting Tool

ARK for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE) is a powerful audit and reporting solution for the Microsoft Windows Network. ARKWE reports on Windows servers, workstations, software assets, NTFS Permissions, users/groups, policies, events, services, installed applications, shares, permissions, printers, data sources etc. ARKWE also performs event log consolidation and software inventory tracking.



ARKWE's basket of Built-in reports provide powerful, ready-to-use reports that assist in both Management reporting and Compliance reporting requirements such as SOX and HIPAA.

Windows Infrastructure Audit

  • Complete Software and hardware inventory reports of your entire Windows network - servers, workstations, network resources, configuration settings etc. Identify security holes based on service packs, security updates and hot fixes.
  • Domain Summary reports about Operating System, IP Address, Roles assigned and installed applications for all the computers in a domain.
  • Installed services reports on current state, the user account context in which the service operates and it's dependent services for all the individual workstations in your network.

Windows Security Audit

  • Users and Groups reports from your Active Directory – Last Logon, Membership, Account status, Privileges etc.
  • NTFS permissions reports across servers and workstations in multiple domains, including Files, Folders and Shares. View permissions using different dimensions.
  • Local security policy reports such as Password Policy, Account Lockout Policy, Audit Policy, User Rights Assignment Policy, Security Options and IP Security Policies of individual workstations in your network.
  • Local groups and their users reports of individual workstations in your windows network to analyze and plug security holes, because local groups can contain user accounts or global group accounts from multiple domains.

Windows Event Log Reporting

  • Events reports on Application Events, Security Events and System Events for all the individual workstations in your network.


  • No agent installation. Information is collected, processed and displayed on the same machine where ARKWE is installed.
  • View information about different machines and domains in their own display windows. Ability to restrict the scope of a domain search by allowing the user to select and scan only a subset of computers in the domain. Especially useful for medium to large enterprise networks.
  • Organize and group information conveniently into separate Tab Views. The relevance has been maintained according to Windows system information architecture.
  • Filter unwanted fields and select the desired fields to view.
  • Apply powerful conditional queries to get a narrow subset of information.
  • Sort on the various fields of information.
  • Built-in Reports that allow users to quickly select and generate reports. These predefined reports are based on some of the common tasks in Systems management reporting.
  • Customize reports for display and print.

Take a tour Watch this tour on ARKWE to get to know how you can use it to generate reports about your network.
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