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The Missing Link in the Security Chain

Security professionals are responsible for protecting an organization's computers, networks, and data by determining who gets access to what and maintaining an overall state of order. They are the critical link in the security chain.  This month we look at their secret weapon - Vyapin's NTFS Security Management Suite.

Powerful Security tools for IT  Professionals

The ability to audit and report NTFS permissions across organizations are what IT professionals need. NTFS Security Management Suite is a powerful solution that saves time, reduces errors and works in large, complex environments.
Free Aberdeen Executive Summary - Security Leaders Self Improvement Agenda

Summarizing the conversations from a series of workshops held with security leaders from well-known organizations, this paper highlights opportunities for professional development in the year ahead.

Did you know?

In 2015 CSOs and CIOs will be working even more closely together.  See what CSO Online has to say about 8 areas of collaboration.

Upcoming Events

Microsoft Build 2015 and the excitement is all about Windows 10.  Mark your calendars for April 29th and catch up on the latest and greatest online.