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Office 365 Management

First off, you need to get reports on how your Office 365 exchange online is being put to use. Remember that you are paying for all your office 365 licenses and their usage needs to be monitored and analyzed regularly to prevent office 365 usage costs from spiraling beyond control. The size and growth of your mailboxes need frequent attention. You will continue to feel the need for how exactly your users are using the Office 365 services that they have been granted access to.

Office 365 Management and Governance Reports

Unlike your On-premises, where planning and governance was the result of adequate availability of resources and planning tools, you don’t have the same luxury when it comes to Office 365 cloud services. You need tools that will help you with Office 365 governance such as provisioning your users, managing their licenses, recycling your licenses, managing any project-based short term use of Office 365 services and so on.

Vyapin’s Office 365 provisioning and management solution lets you plan and effectively manage your Office 365 environment:

Office 365 License management

Office 365 mailbox permissions management

Office 365 Mailbox Permissions Management – Once your Office 365 mailbox migration is complete, you will need to verify if mailbox permissions have been set properly as they existed in your On premises mailboxes. If your migration process did not cover mailbox permissions, such as Full Access, Send As and Send on behalf, you will need to reassign such mailbox permissions for the migrated mailboxes. You can also manage Mailbox Folder permissions to assign or remove permissions such as Owner, Publishing Editor, Editor, Publishing Author, Author, Non-editing Author, Reviewer and Contributor.

You can manage user permissions in bulk on other mailboxes and mailbox folders. This is particularly useful when you have certain mailboxes that are granted access to multiple users. Granting and revoking user permissions in such cases need to be done without compromising security.

Deprovision Users

When someone leaves the organization it is important that you secure any confidential data and archive all associated corporate data for future use. This usually involves a series of tasks that have to be done manually. With Deprovision users feature, the administrator can use a predefined set of essential tasks to perform before removing a user account from Office 365 tenant. The administrator can choose any of the required tasks such as Reset user password, Remove access from user mobile device, Replace user account with another account, Archive user OneDrive content, Remove email forwarding, Forward user incoming emails to another mailbox, Convert user mailbox to shared mailbox, Remove user from Distribution groups, Remove user from Admin roles and Delete user account. These predefined deprovisioning tasks are based on some of the best practices followed by Office 365 Administrators.

Manage Users and Groups

Manage users and groups in bulk using an elegant tabular interface, by assigning / modifying group members, group owners, admin roles and user properties like Name, Department, Designation, etc. Saves time instead of having to modify properties on each user or group one by one individually.

Office 365 Analytics

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