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Office365 Solutions

Unlike your On-premises, where planning and governance was the result of adequate availability of resources and planning tools, you don’t have the same luxury when it comes to Office 365 cloud services. You need tools that will help you with Office 365 governance such as provisioning your users, managing their licenses, recycling your licenses, managing any project-based short term use of Office 365 services and so on.

Vyapin’s Office 365 provisioning and management solution lets you plan and effectively manage your Office 365 environment:

Office 365 License management

Office 365 mailbox permissions management

You can manage user permissions in bulk on other mailboxes and mailbox folders. This is particularly useful when you have certain mailboxes that are granted access to multiple users. Granting and revoking user permissions in such cases need to be done without compromising security.

Office 365 mailbox permissions migration

When you migrate your mailboxes from Exchange on premises to Office 365, depending on how you perform the migration, you may have to migrate your permissions as a separate process after all your mailboxes have been moved. In such cases, you need a solution to review user permissions on mailboxes and selectively migrate these permissions to Office 365.

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