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Managing NTFS Security

Get an iron grip on the security of your NTFS file systems across your organization. The security of your windows file servers need to organized and reorganized periodically based on the growing and evolving needs of compliance and regulatory policies of your organization.

Get complete control on the NTFS security of all your windows file servers, application servers and desktop workstations in your network. Determine who can access what. Report all details of your Access Control List (ACLs) on confidential and important folder shares and files. Grant, Revoke and modify NTFS folder permissions based on the different organizational roles of users and groups.

The ultimate solution suite for NTFS auditing and management and the only one you will ever need to handle all aspects of NTFS security on shares, folders and files in your organization. The solution suite equips and empowers administrators to be nimble and proactive to handle all the demands and challenges posed by the sheer volume of folders, files and their access by users and groups within the organization.

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