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Server Audit
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Server Audit

Vyapin’s Audit solution for Active Directory helps you to take complete control over the auditing and reporting needs of your Active Directory. Vyapin’s solution suite comprises of two solutions – Active Directory Reporting, that lets you audit your entire AD configuration and Active Directory Change Tracking, that audits all the changes that occur over a period of time in your AD. The two solutions work together to provide you one single comprehensive solution to address all the reporting needs of AD Administration, Change Management and Compliance. Having both solutions in your tool chest will eliminate the need for creating your own custom scripts and using small freeware scripts and tools that have very limited purpose.

Active Directory Reporting

Understand how your AD has been configured, document everything that resides in your AD and review and analyze all the security controls that have been implemented.

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Active Directory Change Auditing

Analyze all critical changes made to your AD by reporting what exactly changed, along with the new and old values, when the change was made, where the change happened in your Active Directory and the tool also determines who made the change by looking up the Security Event logs of your audit-enabled Active Directory.

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