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Server Audit
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Server Audit

Reporting on SharePoint is an important organization-wide requirement for SharePoint governance and administration. vyapin’s SharePoint Audit solution covers the following important elements in the audit function:

SharePoint Audit and Compliance Reports

These reports address the regulatory compliance needs (such as SOX, HIPAA etc.). The reports carry information about all critical user actions in SharePoint that are to be audited and recorded for compliance reporting. The reports provide detailed information about the actions that have occurred in the SharePoint farm - Who performed What, Where and When.

SharePoint Security Reports

The SharePoint security reports carry all information related to SharePoint Security to provide a clear picture about the health of your SharePoint security - such as permissions / rights granted for users & groups on various objects - for farms, Site collections, Sites, Lists etc. The reports tell you who has access to what in SharePoint at the site collection, site, list, and list item levels.

SharePoint Usage Reports

These reports capture how your SharePoint environment is currently being used. The reports track all user activity related to the usage of SharePoint. The reports show user activity and how the SharePoint farm is currently used by the user community.

SharePoint Configuration Reports

These reports carry information to fully document the details of your SharePoint infrastructure. The reports show details on how SharePoint settings are configured at various levels - Web application, Site Collection, Sites and Lists.

SharePoint Policy Reports

Has SharePoint been configured and used as per your organizational policies? SharePoint Reports on policy show how the business, data & information policy settings are configured in the SharePoint farm.

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