SharePoint Content Management & Classification Solution

SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Manager

Vyapin’s SharePoint Manager is a powerful toolkit to help you streamline the management of SharePoint servers. Dockit SharePoint Manager keeps your system secure & compliant and ensures best returns on your investment in SharePoint technology. The solution enables organizations to manage, administer, govern, audit and monitor their SharePoint servers. Read more about Dockit SharePoint Manager

SharePoint Audit & Reporting

Vyapin’s SharePoint audit and reporting solution is an all-in-one reporting solution that takes care of your audit, compliance, day-to-day management and usage analysis needs. It is the only solution you will ever need to perform an in-depth reporting of your SharePoint environment. With more than 90+ out-of-the-box reports, plus a host of customizable standard format reports, you need to look no further for a SharePoint reporting solution. The product has been around since the time the first edition of SharePoint was released in 2001. With its evolution over the years, this is a very robust enterprise-class solution with the ability to handle large SharePoint farms. Read more about SharePoint Farm Reporter

SharePoint Content Organization

SharePoint is a collaborative platform that allows networked persons to create, share, update and expand content. This facilitates growth but often gives rise to an unwarranted problem of content bloat. SharePoint Information Organizer helps you solve this problem by updating and managing metadata, removing unnecessary Webs, Lists and List Items as well as by managing various SharePoint features and Users. Besides this you get a hands-on report on all activities performed. Read more about SharePoint Information Organizer

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