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Challenges in Archiving SharePoint documents to your file system
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Challenges in Archiving SharePoint documents to your file system

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Vyapin Software Systems


SharePoint is fast becoming the all-in-one repository for all organizational content, classified and organized in a multitude of ways for users to access them.

This results in an automatic need to export / archive SharePoint content for several reasons, some of them being:


There are several challenges that you will need to address while exporting content from SharePoint for any of the above mentioned reasons:

Vyapin’s SharePoint content archive & export solution SPListX addresses all the above challenges by providing a powerful, metadata-centric, condition-based export of SharePoint documents and other list items. SPListX when used in combination with Dockit (our content migration solution from file shares to SharePoint) can prove useful to site and content owners to manage their document repositories in SharePoint effectively & efficiently.

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Published in 2014

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