Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD) version 6.2 released!!

Our much anticipated major release of Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD) version 6.2 is finally here with the following new features included,

  1. AD Summary Reports: ARKAD now comes up with the ability to report object-specific significant information in a powerful summarized view. AD Summary reports displays summarized vital information about Domains, Organizational Units, Computer Accounts and groups.
  2. Quick Reports: Quick reports allow the users to restrict the scope of reports to include only specific entities within the domain and generate meaningful information faster. This saves the users from the time involved in scanning the entire domain to retrieve information about specific objects. This is especially useful for oft repeated administrative tasks.
  3. ARKAD now allows the user to schedule reports by e-mail. The reports can be scheduled to later hours to reduce the operational load and can be automatically mailed across to the desired recipients.
  4. Custom Queries: With ARKAD, it is now possible for users to create their own reports. Custom Queries feature within the Quick reports allow the user to create a custom report by defining logical queries and generating the reports within the ARKAD framework. A custom query can be used to extract information from various containers across the directory.
  5. Additional user attributes such as Employee ID, Employee Number, Department Number, Division, Car License etc. can be now retrieved using ARKAD. This additional information better qualifies the users associated with the directory.
  6. Computers’ last logon date and time: ARKAD retrieves the last logon date and time of a computer specific to domain controllers within a domain and reports the most recent value as the computer’s last logon date and time.
  7. ARKAD now reports the list of nested groups and nested groups that form a loop. (Quick reports->List of nested groups that form a loop).

Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD) with its above features could very well be indispensable for any Active Directory infrastructure.

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