Audit NTFS security in the Windows network

We have released a new security audit solution called NTFS Security Auditor to manage NTFS permissions / security in the Windows network.

Vyapin’s NTFS Security Auditor audits the NTFS security across your Windows network. It gives a complete inventory report of all the users and their permissions to the Files/Folders/Shares. You can track unauthorized access to important files and folders, thereby protecting intellectual property and maintaining confidentiality across your network environment.

NTFS Security Auditor is a simple audit application targeted at System Administrators, IT infrastructure managers and System Audit personnel to assist in network security scrutiny. The powerful built-in reports help in both management reporting and IT Audit & Compliance reporting such as SOX and HIPAA.

Features at a Glance

Multiple domain NTFS permissions reporting with multiple dimensions – reports folders/files access using users/groups dimensions and users/groups with permission dimensions.
Analyze inadvertent user access.
Report on explicit user/group permissions.
Summarize shares on individual workstations for the entire domain.
Search on user/group permissions on selective files/folders using conditions
Scan specific accounts and computers in the domains
Export audit reports to MS-Access/HTML/XLS/PDF/TIFF/CSV format

Download 15-day trial version from the product home page