Auditing Hyper-V machines and resources for better planning and management

Hyper-V Management Suite is a documenting and auditing application used to audit Hyper-V servers & guests. Besides helping you find out virtual machines and their roles, it also helps you identify and detect changes to the Hyper-V configuration. It provides a bird’s eye view of the VM sprawl and can be scheduled to mail you specific reports. Here’s a sample report displaying all the applied VM settings.

VM settings

Here is a list of the Hyper-V reporting features.


This report helps you discover the VM Hosts and Guests as well as informs you of their status. While the Summary provides hardware, OS, and the DNS details, the Management section provides configuration details like the Automatic Start and Stop Action, the State and the Page File. Here’s a sample screenshot displaying the discovery of VMs in a network. You can click on the individual machines to check their details.

 individual machines report


This report provides the Memory configuration and consumption details. The Summary displays details about Startup, Dynamic, Assigned memory etc. The Chart feature displays the results in the form of a chart.

Memory configuration and consumption


This displays the hardware and the IP addresses as well as the connection details of the machines. Under Advanced Features it also tells you whether MAC Address spoofing has been enabled or not.

MAC Address spoofing


This displays processor details like the number of processors, their usage, NUMA support and how the machines use them. The report is divided into Summary, NUMA Topology and Configuration with each section showing specific details of how the processors are utilized. Some other details shown in the report are – Load Percentage, Virtual machine limit, Max Processors per NUMA mode, Processor Compatibility, etc.

Processor Compatibility


This report is designed to show you the status of the VM replication service.

status of the VM replication

Current Status

This report provides you with a status update on the VMs. It provides a Summary and the results can also be viewed in the form of a Chart.

Current Status of VM


This report displays a snapshot of all the vital details you will need about the VM spread. It displays details like – Memory, Processor, Integration Services, Management Actions and Permissions.

report displays a snapshot

Virtual Hard Disks

This report displays the details of virtual hard disks. It shows the disk name, location, access type and permissions, format, type, size, etc. These details can also be viewed in the form of a chart.

details of virtual hard disks

Integration Services

This report displays the state of Integration Services like the Operating System Shutdown, Time Synchronization, Data Exchange, Heartbeat, Backup (volume snapshot). It shows whether these services are enabled and running.

state of Integration Services

DVD Drives

This displays the details of virtual DVD drives.

details of virtual DVD drives

All VM Settings

This report is designed to show you all the above mentioned details in a combined report.

All VM Settings

You can also schedule these under the Schedule Report. The Scheduled Tasks will show you all the scheduled reports.

Use Vyapin Virtualization management Suite to audit your VM resources and plan how to best use them.

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