Embrace the outstanding performance of Office 365 migration

Office 365 Migration

One of the most enduring questions in Office 365 migration is that it’s not a matter of whether your tool is capable of migrating terabytes of data, but how fast can it complete the migration. In the last two years alone, we’ve witnessed it being true more often than not. The migration time has become of the utmost importance when migrating content to Office 365.

Office 365 Throttling

Throttling in Office 365 is the top critical factor that causes performance degradation in migrating data to SharePoint Online in a granular migration workflow. No client-side API can overcome this restriction technically. However, throttling in Office 365 is a necessary evil. It is one such way to mitigate the impact caused when the shared resources of Office 365 is being over-utilized. Otherwise, how could Microsoft ensure you to have optimum performance in using SharePoint Online sites?

This urged Microsoft to innovate an entirely newer approach for content migration. By leveraging Azure storage, Microsoft announced the new Office 365 Migration API – an exclusive API for high-speed migration – which has no impact with Office 365 throttling. Office 365 Migration API addresses common challenges with large-scale data transfers, including long transfer times and security concerns. Due to this, Microsoft have started discouraging the granular migration using CSOM SharePoint Online API.

FREE Azure storage

Taking the power of Office 365 Migration API, we at Vyapin developed a brand-new migration tool called Dockit 365 Migrator to cater to the business needs of Office 365 migration. With the latest release, Dockit 365 Migrator started using FREE Azure storage containers provisioned by Microsoft. It not only saves you the cost of Azure storage plan, but also Azure configuration overhead. Using this approach, you will get the storage containers in the same data center in which your Office 365 tenant is created. It helps you get the maximum throughput during content migration. Once the content is dispatched to the respective target location in SharePoint Online, the temporary Azure storage containers will be discarded after 14-days by Microsoft.

Data Security at rest

We paid greater attention in every aspect of large scale migration – be it encrypting content or preparing migration packages with multi-threading technology. Dockit 365 Migrator encrypts all the information (content and metadata) with 256-bit AES encryption technique before on-boarding them to FREE Azure storage containers. Hence, your data remains secure in transit and at rest in Azure storage containers.

Experience secured migration with speed

Using these enhancements, Dockit 365 Migrator makes your Office 365 migration hassle-free, secured and faster.

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