Enhancements in ARKSP 2010 v1.7

Audit – Group Member Changes

In the earlier versions prior to v1.7, tracking the newly added & deleted group members for the specified period were different reports. In v1.7, we have combined the two reports and added a column to indicate the action taken on Group Member changes for the specified time period.

Figure #1: Audit – Group Member Changes

group members

Export / Publish path and file format configuration:

The default Export and Publish paths and the file formats can be configured using the ARKSP settings wizard and these specifications can be altered as desired when creating or editing a reporting task.

Figure #2: ARKSP settings for the default export configuration

arksp settings

New fields included in the Recycle Bin Summary report:

Improved Recycle Bin Summary report contains new fields such as Item name, Item type, Original location, Deleted date, Deleted by, Created by.

Figure #3: Recycle bin summary report

recycle bin summary

A quick recap of the new features in ARKSP v1.7:

  • Newly added/deleted group members’ report information merged as ‘Audit – Group member Changes’
  • Provision to set default Export/Publish configuration for reports in the ARKSP settings
  • New fields included in the ‘Recycle Bin Summary’ report

If you are interested in new version of ARK for SharePoint 2010 v1.7, please follow the link below to download the software.