Export feature strengthened further with export conditions for various levels of content classification in SharePoint

The export feature in SPListX has been enhanced by introducing a familiar interface to specify filter conditions (based on list / folder / document properties) to remove unwanted contents. Here are some details about these changes.

SPListX can export Folders, Files and List Items (including file attachments) from a SharePoint List or Library based on certain export conditions. The conditions can be created by using SharePoint columns in the source List or Library.

export condition
You can specify export conditions at three levels:

  • List Level Filter
  • Folder Level Filter
  • File or Item Level Filter

You can specify the export filters by selecting the field name and by specifying a value with the necessary operator. You can use mathematical operators such as =, <> to define your query. Complex queries can be constructed using logical operators ‘AND’ and ‘OR’.

List level filter

list export conditions

Folder level filter

folder export conditions

File or List item level filter

item export conditions

SPListX will export the Lists, folders, files or Items that satisfy the export condition depending on the options / filter conditions set by the user.

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