Features enhancements in ARKAD v8.2

Power Search

Permission Selection View: Common tasks displayed

Figure #1: Power Search –Common Tasks in Permission Selection

permission selection

Account Selection View: Added new features:

  • Include / Exclude built-in security principals
  • Include Group membership of accounts
  • Filter accounts based on Account status – Inactive, Disabled, unknown & Expired
  • Set Inactive account status with customized ‘Last Logon’ threshold value

Figure #2: Power Search- Account Selection with useful options

account selection

Quick Reports

You can view Security Group membership (both direct and nested) within a domain under the new Security category.

Figure #3: Security Group members report

security group

Custom Reports

Enhanced custom reports to view all attributes in AD schema for Domain / Site / OU / Computer / User / Group / Contact / Foreign Security principal objects.

Figure #4: Choose ‘ALL’ attributes in AD Schema for User object

field selection

A quick recap of the new features in ARKAD v8.2:

  • View common tasks’ permissions in the Permission selection screen
  • New features included in the Account Selection view
  • You can view information about all attributes in AD Schema for various AD objects in Custom Reports
  • Security Group membership can be viewed (including nested groups) under the Security category, which is newly included in the Quick Reports section

If you are interested in new version of ARK for Active Directory (ARKAD) v8.2, please follow the link below to download the software.