Generating reports – Domain Controllers, Servers and Workstations

Use Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE) to generate reports about your Domain Controllers, Servers and Workstations

ARK for Windows Enterprise now includes a feature allowing users to use it to generate reports for their Workstations along with Domain Controllers and Servers. ARKWE works well in environments with domains generating wide ranging reports providing important configuration parameters, settings and other critical information about Domain Controllers and Servers maintained as part of the network. But in networked environments where Workgroups were used instead of Domains, ARKWE could not be utilized as it required keying in the Domain/Server credentials. That is no longer the case.

To allow generating reports in non-domain networks too and to help systems administrators manage all kind of networks, ARKWE now offers the choice between

  1.  Domain Controllers
  2.  Servers
  3.  Workstations

See the image below where the selection window offers choices between the three AD container objects.

choices between the three AD container objects

The credentials required for generating these reports can be fed in the credentials window as before. For Workstations, users can key in the particular workstation’s credentials directly which will allow him to use ARKWE to generate reports on Users, Groups, Shares, Network Resources, Policies, Events, Services, etc.

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