Import Exchange folders and mail using External Data Connector for SharePoint

A new version of Vyapin’s SharePoint data import tool External Data Connector for SharePoint (v2.0) has been released. This release has two new features to connect and bridge your SharePoint content with Exchange mail content. These features help users import MS Exchange mail items from Mailboxes and Public Folders into SharePoint Lists as Items. Mail items can be imported selectively and made available for sharing and collaboration in SharePoint. For example, you can import all mails specific to a project or specific to a common mailbox (say for example, etc. You can perform a very granular import of mails based on various mail item properties such as From, To, Cc, Date range, Subject and Body content and message headers. Here are some of the benefits of importing your mails from exchange into SharePoint:

  1. You can setup a repository of content intelligence in SharePoint by importing mails that have certain keywords that are important to proactively manage and grow your business. You can select mails that indicate certain characteristics that you may be interested in when employees receive or send mails.
  2. You can import mails of projects on a scheduled basis for sharing and collaboration. For example if you sent a Survey or Feedback mail to you customers, you can import these into SharePoint for further action by your project group.
  3. If you have dedicated mail boxes for different customer facing activities say, Sales, Support, Marketing, Customer Service etc., you can have these mails imported selectively for further analysis by the related departments using SharePoint.
  4. If you already have a well-established SharePoint infrastructure, you can use SharePoint as an archive repository for your mailboxes.
  5. You can setup a complete Knowledge Base in SharePoint using content extracted from certain categories of mails for further use within the organization. For example, all Product support mails carrying certain problem phrases and subject lines can be extracted and stored in SharePoint to create a knowledge base for Employee training.
  6. The ability to granularly import mails from Exchange to SharePoint opens up immense possibilities for organizations to improve business functions and associated processes.

Here is a screenshot showing the additional features introduced in the product.

EDC Connection options

Public Folders to SharePoint

As the name indicates, this option helps users import Public Folder contents to SharePoint Lists. You can import Folder contents from Exchange on-premises or online. EDC 2.0 supports Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 as shown below.

Public Folders to SharePoint

It also offers an in-depth search option to select and import mails based on – Date Range, Subject / Body, From / To / Cc, Headers. And you can save your search queries for repeated use. Here’s a snapshot showing the filter criteria.

Public Folders to SharePoint

Message Folders to SharePoint

Similar to the previous option, this one allows users to import relevant mails from Exchange User Mailboxes into SharePoint Lists. You can import mails from all mailboxes or limit to specific ones as shown here.

Message Folders to SharePoint

And you can select specific folders to import mails from as shown in the choices here.

Search Message Folders to import in SharePoint

You can further filter the mails you want to import by selecting specific attributes. This step is designed to import only those mails needed to be imported to SharePoint. Here’s a screenshot showing the attributes you can select.

attributes Items Selection

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