Insight Reports in ARK for Active Directory

Our ARK for Active Directory (ARKAD) provides several detailed reports about various objects like Users, Groups, Computers, Organizational Units residing in Active Directory. Out of the available reports in ARKAD, Insight Reports presents in-depth inventory of objects that are created/modified/deleted in a given date range and other most queried information in AD. This report can be custom generated for various date ranges.

Organizational Units:

‘Organizational Units’ (OU), are administrative-level containers on a computer network that allow network administrators to organize groups of objects together. An administrator should always be aware of Organizational Units creation, deletion and modify actions performed on it. The Organizational Units node in Insight Reports shows Total number of OUs, OUs with date range customization, during which the OUs are “created, modified and deleted” and OUs that have greater than and lesser than N number of Members (with greater than and lesser than N value customization).

organizational units

Computer Accounts:

Computer Accounts provide a means for authenticating and auditing computers’ access to the network, and to domain resources. Each computer connected to the network must have its own unique computer account. The Computer Accounts node in Insight Reports shows, Number of Computer Accounts, Computer Accounts with date range customization, during which the accounts are “created, modified and deleted”, Workstation and Servers Disabled Computer Accounts, Computer Trusted for delegations and Computers running different Operating Systems.

computer accounts


Managing Domain User Accounts is tedious when traversing through a large domain. For example, if an organization has large number of user accounts, the complexity arises, when it comes to which group it belongs to, log on, account settings and credential information. The Users node in Insight Reports reduces the complexity by providing detailed information about Number of Users, users “created, modified and deleted” within a date range. For users’ password management, it offers the following reports:

  • Users who cannot change their password
  • Users to change their password at next logon
  • Users whose password never expires
  • Users whose password expires within specific time period (with date range customization)
  • Users whose password is stored in reversible encryption
  • User accounts that are trusted for delegation
  • Users who uses DES Encryption types



Group scope normally describes the type of accounts that should be clubbed together in a way that is easy for their administration. The Groups node in Insight Reports shows, Number of Groups, Groups with date range customization during which they are “created, modified and deleted”, Groups that have lesser or greater than N Members (number of users customization), Groups based on their types like Universal, Global, Distribution, Security and Domain Local Groups.


Additional option:

ARK for Active Directory provides the user to view detailed reports of a specific report when clicking on View Details or by double clicking the report. The “Date Range or N Number of Range” in a report View Option will help the user to change the date range and number in N range for certain reports. Users can Export or Email a specific report by selecting Export or E-mail by right clicking on the report or by selecting menus in the toolbar.

additional option

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