Last Logon date and time of Computers

Last-Logon attribute is one of the non-replicated attributes in Active Directory Domain Services, which means that each domain controller in a domain holds its own copy of the attribute, likely with different values. Similarly each Domain Controller in a domain stores different values as computers’ Last-Logon date and time. To access the latest logon time of a computer, we need to visit each domain controller and their corresponding attributes manually.

 Our Admin Report Kit for Active Directory retrieves the last Logon attribute from all Domain Controllers in a domain and delivers the most recent time a computer has logged onto the domain.

 The following image shows the last logon value of the computer,’RD55′ corresponding to RD48.Spacenet.local Domain controller.


 The following image shows the last logon value of the computer ‘RD55’ corresponding to RD45.Spacenet.local Domain controller.



The following image shows the most recent Log on date and time of RD55.  ARKAD enumerates last logon values from all the Domain Controllers in a domain and retrieves the most recent value among all the DC’s.