More user friendly features on demand in ARK for Exchange Server

The latest update to the Exchange Server reporting and analysis solution, namely ARK for Exchange Server incorporates common features demanded by a large section of its users. It provides various “counts” about messages and Exchange Server objects like – read, unread, deleted, items, folders, sub-folders, items etc. Presenting the “count” of various objects makes it easy for Exchange Administrators and User to get a status update and also plan their mailbox related actions.

Here’s a screenshot showing the results of the Mail Item Summary report.

Mail Item Summary report

The new report – Mail Item Summary displays the count of contents of the users’ Folders. This is useful to Administrator who would like to know the status of critical folders like the Public and Personal Folders. This data can be extremely useful when migrating the important folders to a different environment or when taking backup of the Exchange Server.

Here’s a view of a report detailing the count of folders and sub-folders.

count of folders and sub-folders

The ARK for Exchange Server can also be scheduled to send you such details in a scheduled manner and it the required format.

Additional developments

New Report

Under Mail Statistics, a new report has been added called the Recipient sent & received mail count which displays the sent & received mail count in a single report table.

Function enhancements

The save time to database has been shorted and quickened to facilitate the users to save data and move on to the next task. This frees the users to continue generating other critical reports necessary for administration. The reports also show the size of the various objects.

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