Network configuration information sought after by network engineers and system administrators

Good network monitoring and reporting tools report important network events from multiple locations, to the network administrator. It’s either delivered to his email inbox or deposited at the indicated location in the preferred file format, at the designated time. All these network events have to be reported along with their correct time and date. However the information sought after by network and systems administrators may differ depending on the size of their network and the amount of responsibility allocated to them.

Here’s a list of network configuration information that is often useful to several network administrators and which is an integral part of a master network monitoring console.

  • Network configuration data that contain detail of servers and systems hardware configuration, networking devices configuration, network address, ports used, hardware addresses, IP address, etc.
  • Top level information such as configured domains, workstations, types of servers, server software and their versions, updates and fixes installed and running, etc.
  • Security configuration data such as NTFS permissions, permission inheritance policies applied at parent and sub-folders, summary of file and folder properties and changes in them, permissions applied to shared folders, etc.
  • Security policy reports consisting of configured group policies, rights granted to groups and users and the folders they can access, memberships details and privileges, password policy, audit policy, account logon and lockout policies applied, user rights assignment policy, etc.
  • Reports about systems software, installed applications, updates, security fixes and patches, antivirus and malware protection software installed and running, etc.
  • Various event logs like, the administrative events log, application log, security log, system log, as well as the log displaying events configured using Windows PowerShell, etc.

Reviewing all these tasks can be cumbersome to the systems and network administrators. Hence there is a need to present a combined outlook with related monitoring processes grouped together, making it easy for the administrators to get a bird’s eye view of their network.

Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited develops such a network monitoring and configuration reporting software that installs easily and works in the background with little support. Besides covering the points mentioned above, it can also help administrators tweak their network to yield the desired performance.